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December 6, 2011 / Wythe

Questions to cover before getting started with any campaign

  • Where are y’all from?
  • How do y’all know each other?  Should I roll on the d100 table of “how y’all know each other?”  (Which actually exists, yes.)
  • What do y’all want (from the world, as PCs)?
  • What do y’all want (from me, as players)?
  • What level of danger do you want?  Can/should your dudes die, ever?
  • What level of rules are y’all comfy with?
  • What level of psi?
  • What level of fief-ruling/base-creation?
  • Should I be more like, “and now I roll for random monsters,” or more like, “political intrigue! plot! etc.!?”
  • More like, “the city is an ever-changing labyrinth…,” or more like, “the blasted wasteland is full of dangers—and very not-full of water…?”
  • What biome(s) do you want to explore most/first:  city, desert, barbarian shrub-plain, swamp, cave, techno-ruins, underwater, [other]?

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