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December 10, 2011 / Wythe

NYC D20-System RPG

Came up with this as a joke, but maybe somebody else wants to run a campaign set here/now:

Hipster (elf analog)
Train Rat (colony animal; lose ability scores as you lose hit dice of individual rats)
Pigeons (mated pair)
Robot (primitive, toylike)
Beaver (lost and confused, yet oddly happy and good with trinket-making; gnome analog)

Blue Collar (Fighter, various kits/prestige classes such as Taco Trucker, Occupier)
Gutterfund Bike Shop Dude (Ranger)
Barrista/Barkeep (Paladin)

“Art Student” (Thief)
Art School Dropout (Ninja)

Gothic Lolita (Shaman/Warlock)
Staring At You (Gazer, Shambling Gazer, Disquietist subclasses) (Illusionist)
Homeless Cuz The Feds Hate Me (Bard)


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