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December 12, 2011 / Wythe

Moon Battles!

On a dying world!, a 1d6-only RPG!  •  ~v1.0~!

My players and I are working on a much, much “better” (more sensible, more intuitive, less arbitrary) d6 system for one-offs. In the meantime, I offer my original moon-themed version. The goal here was to create a game for which you could roll up very specific, very weird characters on the fly. Their attributes would be more or less random, but that may be fun for players, esp. for a player taking a break from “living” in/as her normal PC, for a one-off game.

Now, would the game outlined below actually be fun to play? Would it work? I really don’t know. I think it would be great for one-off adventures on any given sci/fantasy setting’s loony moon. In 100MY, travel to the moon means switching arbitrarily from Pathfinder to this d6 system. Why? Feels more spacey. Feel free to use/cannibalize any of these lists. Thanks to Planet Algol and Sickly Purple Death Ray for much inspiration/jargon (high man, low man, chitinous man, etc.).  Gawd, I love lists…

Roll 1d6 for each stat, in order:

  • STR – Strength. Affects melee attack/damage.
  • DEX – Dexterity. Affects missile attack/armor class.
  • CON – Constitution. Affects hit points.
  • INT – Intellect. Affects psy/skills.
  • LUK – Luck. Affects everything, sometimes.
  • CHA – Charisma. Affects seducing/diplomacy/intimidation/lying.

What kind of THING are you!?  No stat can drop below 1.  You choose, male or female (where applicable).

  1. High Man [modern human] (+2 LUK, -2 STR)
  2. Low Man [caveman] (+2 STR, -2 INT)
  3. Chitinous Man [hairless, lipless future-human] (+2 INT, -2 LUK)
  4. Ape Savant [sentient mandrill] (+2 DEX, -2 CHA)
  5. Robot [finally set free!] (+2 CON, -2 DEX)
  6. Mutant [gamma child] (+2 ANY STAT, -3 CON)

Your jay-oh!  No stat can drop below 1.

  1. Fighting-Man [soldier, hero] (+2 STR, -2 CHA)
    Robot Fighting-Men gain +2 to hit with melee weapons.
  2. Barbarian [savage, pirate] (+2 CON, -2 INT)
    Low man Barbarians gain +2 damage with melee weapons.
  3. Capataz [policeman, merchant] (+2 DEX, -2 LUK)
    Chitinous man Capatazes gain +2 on all Diplomacy and Intimidation checks.
  4. Houri [whore, dancer] (+2 CHA, -2 STR)
    High man Houris gain an additional +2 CHA.
  5. Naturalist [doctor, shaman] (+2 INT, -2 DEX)
    Ape savant Naturalists gain +2 AC.
  6. Psy-Freak [experiment, orphan] (+2 LUK, -2 CON)
    Mutant Psy-Freaks gain +4 PS.

Your alignment determines how you react under stress.

  1. Helpful [empathetic, nurturing] (+2 CHA)
  2. Curious [outgoing, open] (+2 LUK)
  3. Laid Back [patient, loose] (+2 CON)
  4. Greedy [selfish, secretive] (+2 INT)
  5. Sneaky [clever, arrogant] (+2 DEX)
  6. Bloodthirsty [chaotic, cruel] (+2 STR)

Your vitals are based on your stats:

  • Base HP (hit points) = (CONx2)+1d6, minimum 6.
  • Base AT (attack bonus) = (STR+DEX)/2, rounded up.
  • Base AC (armor class) = 3+DEX.
  • Base PS (psy score, which = starting psy points) = INT+LUK.

*This section almost certainly needs the most work/thought/playtesting…

Bonus Item
In your travels, you have acquired one wonder from a better time/another world:

  1. Cerebral Rucksack – You may store an additional Psy Power.  Brain cramps: -1 HP (minimum 1).
  2. Guild Pass – You may pass among all peoples, if grudgingly in some parts.  +4 on Diplomacy checks.
  3. Devourer’s Headgear – You may make an additional attack per round with your techno-enhanced mouth-face.  -1 CHA.
  4. The Sustaining Fluid – You gain 1d6 HP.  You smell slightly of pee all the time.
  5. Eye of the Wasp – Your Psy Powers do double damage.  Brain cramps: -2 AT.
  6. Ancient Airship – You can fly from area to area without encountering any monsters.

You have learned a fighting style from an ancient master:

  1. Jump – Avoid combat by jumping out of it.  Roll 1d6.  If the result is lower than your DEX+1, you jump out of combat for the round.  +1 Speed.
  2. Parry – If an attacker misses you, you may immediately attack her!  On your next turn, you still take your attack as normal.
  3. Cleave – You attack super hard.  All the time.  +2 damage when using melee weapons.
  4. Deadeye – You attack super accurately.  All the time.  +2 AT when using missile weapons.
  5. Double Fist – You may attack twice per round.  The second attack suffers a -2 AT penalty.
  6. Double Brain – You may use 2 Psy Powers per round, if you have enough PS.  +1 PS.

Psy Powers**
In the future, on the moon, all brains are evolving.  All characters begin with 1 Psy Power.  Psy-Freaks gain an additional Psy Power.  (If you roll the same number, roll again until you get a new one.)  To use Psy Powers, roll 1d6.  If you Psy score is that number or higher, it works!  Subtract a number of Psy points from your current pool = the number of the power (so, Sounding = 1, Trick = 2, etc.).

  1. Sounding – Learn some secret of a past time/distant space.
  2. Trick – Turn invisible.
  3. Force Hands – Attack with your mind.
  4. Morph – Change your body to excel in combat.
  5. Mind Wipe – Attack another’s mind, robbing her of PS.
  6. Stasis – Preserve your body, defeating death.

**This mechanic also may make nooo sense…  Sorry in advance, if this is the case.

Choose your weapon!  Just kidding.  Roll your weapon, then choose what to call it:

  1. Boulder or Barrel – 1d6+1+STR damage.  Range 1.
  2. Spear or Long Axe – 1d6+STR damage.  Range 1.  +2 Speed.
  3. Sword or Katana – 1d6+1+STR damage.  Range 0.
  4. Bow or Nerve Sling – 1d6-1 damage (minimum 1).  Range 5.
  5. Proto-Musket or Crossbow – 1d6+1 damage.  Range 5. Misfire on 1.
  6. Beam Ray or Nanowhip – 2d6 damage.  Range 5.  Misfire on 1–2.  +2 Speed.

Pimp your jerkins and pantaloons:

  1. Dino-Hide – +1 AC.  -1 Speed.
  2. Bone – +2 AC.  -2 Speed.
  3. Living Beetles – +2 AC.  -0 Speed.  -2 HP.
  4. Nanofluid – +2 AC.  -0 Speed.  -2 PS.
  5. Cerasteel – +4 AC.  -3 Speed.
  6. Dark Tentacles – +3 AC.  +1 AT.  -3 PS.  -2 HP.


  • Everyone roll a Speed check:  Roll 1d6+DEX.  Highest score wins.  Settle ties with a roll-off; higher wins; roll as many times as necessary to settle as many ties as necessary.
  • Resolve combat in order of Speed.  The first attacker declares an opponent.  The attacker rolls 1d6+AT.
  • [Note:  Some weapons can misfire.  Misfires do damage to the attacker instead of the opponent.]
  • Is the attacker’s roll equal to or greater than the opponent’s AC?  If so, resolve damage:  Damage is by weapon; melee weapons add STR to total damage.
  • Is the attacker’s roll less than the opponent’s AC?  If so, nothing happens, unless the opponent has Parry.



  1. None – You are an atheist.  +1 INT.  -1 LUK.  If you are a chitinous man or robot, you gain an additional +1 INT.  If you are an ape savant, you gain +4 PS but suffer an additional -1 LUK.
  2. Dakrodak – You worship Dakrodak, Lord of Meat and Fire.  If you are a low man, you gain +2 CON and suffer -2 INT.  If you are a low man Barbarian, you gain +2 LUK, and you smell like fart all the time.
  3. Zoog – You worship Zoog, Slime Lady.  If you are a mutant, you gain +2 to any stat but suffer an additional -2 CHA.  This can put you at 0 CHA, at which point you become the species Mutant: Slimeboy or Mutant: Slimegirl.  Slimepersons gain +2 DEX and suffer -2 INT.  Your PS increases to 10, if it was below 10.  You gain the Psy Power Puddle, which is exactly like Jump but gross.  You may still manifest solid enough limbs to hold weapons and items, and so forth.  You smell oddly good—like peppermint and cilantro.
  4. Fnang’Haab! – You worship Fnang’Haab!, the Mystery Meta God… we think.  Fnang’Haab! commands, er, Time?  Space?  The Dark Elder Things BEYOND the Moon?  The Secret Rules?  Chaos?  Fnang’Haab! walks among us?  Or flies above?  In any event, he (she? it?) is very powerful, and very, very unforgivingly werid.  Gain the Alignment Sneaky.  +1 LUK, -1 CHA.  If you are a high man, gain 1 Psy Power and +2 PS.
  5. Ytthak – You worship Ytthak, the King-Beast Flyer.  Roll on the Mutations table.  If you are from the Vast, gain +2 LUK.  If you are a saurian, gain +1 DEX.
  6. Hothazaz – You worship Hothazaz, Everything Lord of the Fluxmos.  Hothazaz birthed even Fnang’Haab!, and to Hothazaz everything will return.  In fact, this lord is so vast and so dire that it has no time for you.  Regardless of species, roll 2 times on this table:
    1. -4 LUK.
    2. +12 PS.
    3. +2 DEX.
    4. -2 AT.
    5. +2 AC.
    6. -4 HP (minimum 1).

Secret Motives

  1. Loves and plans to woo/marry another PC
  2. Hates and plans to kill another PC
  3. Closeted
  4. Rebel:  Plans to overthrow (roll on Nation-States table)
  5. Conservative:  Plans to give up adventuring after acquiring (1d6)x1000 guld
  6. Pregnant!

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