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December 13, 2011 / Wythe

More Moon Battles!


The 6 Nation-States of the Near Side

  1. Khalinaar – City-State of the [remaining northern] High Men of Luna, the “free city” (a police state, paranoid about all of its neighbors, its citizens, its secrets, its weaknesses, its unrestrained power…)
  2. Kalidash – City of Robots
  3. The Zord – Scarred Canyon-Land of the Chitinous Men
  4. The Sluglands – vast cruel waste including the Zord-Satrapies of Vivyz (chitinous-man colonized jungle-city of the Ape Savants) and Zarran (city-state of the southern high men, enslaved by the chitinous arch-capatazes)
  5. Pettecront – [pet-EE-kront] City of Mutants, ruled by the fallen mutant aristocrats called the Formless
  6. The Vast – vast, vast, vast waste of the Low Men; bleeds suddenly into the Far [“Dark”] Side, where the Vultors dwell…

Features of the Far Side

  1. Horrible Scar Chasm – home to horrible things, including scars and petrovultors on skybikes powered by hate (duh)
  2. Pillar of Children’s Bones – this is just really… sad—everyone, +4 Sadness, immediately
  3. Ocean of Waste Salt – what a waste… also, this place is fatally suck: here you’ll find neither food nor water nor love
  4. The Vultor Imperium – the terrible Lunar Empire of the Vulture-Men [always hyphenated] who hate the men-men of Luna—and presumably, knew they any, of earth…
  5. Ruins of Glix – City of Glitter (nuff said?)
  6. The Cactoids’ Solarium-Citycactoids don’t name anything on Luna; they are peaceable communists and will remain that way… unless you lead the Vultors right to them…



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