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December 14, 2011 / Wythe

Who works at the Dinosaur Circus?

The Staff:

  • Marquessa De Vyzz – hot MILF owner/master assassin?
  • Membro – hateful old half-quan ringmaster, tasseomancer (! yes!)
  • Xakix – mutant human strongman
  • Janx – unhuman mentalist & scholar, baleful-eyed, lost something in a war
  • Daqina – gmothi female juggler/assassin
  • Jhont – fomori lute player, rakish, perhaps good with knives?
  • Drojo – scarred old human master saurian rider (“ranger”)
  • Chandot – grizzled hippie weed dealer/botanist/head chef (“O Chandot, you crazy!“)
  • Feyla – older female gmothi reverberator
  • Momix – quan drywalker monk, knows Mar’ [= PC briefly played by P.D. (Zylla) of the Headless Giant campaign]
  • The Amazing Faceless Lady “A” – robotic, beautiful… need I add mysterious?

The Dino-Riders:

  • Jep – their leader—like the rest of them, an over-eager 15-year-old lad in dino-riding trousers and cap; “scamp” would not be a bad word to apply in this sitch
  • Hep – the smart one
  • Lep – the fast/fast-talking one
  • Zep – the funny/runty/lovable one (“Heart” a la Captain Planet)
  • Zeo – the freaky/dark/Wolverine-y one
  • Teo – the heartthrob
  • Keo – the big-boned/mature/quiet one

And of course lest we forget:

  • The albino cave monkeys – who dwell, massively, in the GI tracts of the dinosaurs

YES, I TAKE REQUESTS.  Bring it.  The mega-eartheater dinosaurs of the Dinosaur Circus (Aag and his mother [?] Maakaag) are over a thousand feet long each.  Many strange NPCs are hidden in their folds, crevasses, bony ridges, soft flappy leathery skin-tents, divots, and nostrils (oh so many nostrils!).


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  1. Wythe / Jan 26 2012 10:32 pm

    Also: Bud (m green Reverberator), Zanzibar the Unhuman Barbarian Philosopher (m unhuman Barbarian with high Wisdom), and Adela (f green Scout, deceased; had an ape-savant Vaudevillian butler named Koko). Now you know.

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