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December 16, 2011 / Wythe

d6 RPG: Six Archetypes viz “System”

This is the distilled list of character archetypes for/from the “6d6” retro-simple-listy game we’ve been working on. The orignal list of archetypes comes courtesy a writer-hero of mine, Michel Serres. His actual list of archetypes can be found here. (The attentive reader notices his writing has nothing to do with DnD.) Also included in that earlier post is his list of villains (equally sweet).

I found this note in my phone the other day and just thought, wow, what a good, simple breakdown of hero/player character archetypes—in many ways more conducive to both fast-play and to “story” play (which aren’t incompatible) than the traditional focus on “race” and “class,” both annoying terms. Anyway, here’s THE list:

  • The Hero  +2 BOD – defends the good parts of the system (brave)
  • The Madman  +2 PER – overturns the system (visionary)
  • The Genius  +2 INT – designs and profits from the system’s growth (rational)
  • The Saint  +2 SAN – tries to improve the system (moral)
  • The Hapless  +2 LUK – uses and is used by the system (fair)
  • The Mimic  +2 CHA – parasites the system (thrillseeking)

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