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December 19, 2011 / Wythe

Archaetech from The Age of Wire and String

The Age of Wire and String by Ben Marcus is one of my favorite books. Rereading it again recently, I was struck by how many of the fantastic (?) objects, people, and events mentioned in the book could be repurposed, if only in title, in DnD. Here I present an incomplete list of treasures a la Marcus:

  • Air hostels – secret livable tents in the sky?
  • Land scarfs – nanofiber scarfs creates titanic livable tents in desert?
  • Shirt of noise – absorbs noise
  • Sun stick
  • Wind bowl
  • The math gun (fathermouth)
  • Rare waters
  • The Cloth-Eaters
  • Tree bread
  • Storm lung – object swallowed to forestall the effects of the environment upon the body
  • Drowning wires – allure swimmers deeper down
  • Air tattoos
  • Colored wind
  • The wind gun – symbols carved into the ground to change weather
  • The weather killer
  • The autumn killer
  • Festival of the Garments
  • Grass-Bringers

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