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December 19, 2011 / Wythe

Scenario: Timequake

This is the second d6 one-off we played. Again, like Grim Fin, I wrote this on my phone on the way to the session, and it worked (? mostly?). The main idea was to start with a ridic. noir trope, then dive forward 100 million years (of course) into the Conan story “Red Nails.” Or a version of same. Anyway, here are my notes, expounding more this time on each archetype:



“A Tale You’ll Hear Only Once in a Hundred Million Years!”

Ext. – Burbank, street outside a bank – five minutes to noon…

Using a highly unstable, time-space collating astro-crystal called THE FORLORN EYE—worshipped by the Egyptian royal astrologers, feared by the Chinese witch-men who discovered the secret of millennial life—famous fortuneteller HIRAM ZEBLONSKY (Saint) has accidentally implanted his own brain into the body of his pet chimp, Timothy-Mongo the Third.

To make matters worse, DIRK DOOGAN (Madman), a petty burglar, has stolen the Eye, right out from under Hiram’s, er, eye.  Dirk is now looking to do the unfathomable—to burgle the Eye into a bank vault and protect it from (real) thieves.

Lucky for Hiram, super P.I. GRANT NETTLES (Hero) is on the case!  Grant has even figured out that Dirk is going to “rob” (or at least break into) Triesto First Bank of Burbank today at high noon.  Grant’s so confident, he’s even invited Hiram to meet him at the bank and haul dirty Dirk over to Sergeant O’Leary at Central Booking—and to personally thank the tipper who made the arrest possible (key word: “possible…”).

The tipper?  Why, that’s Dirk’s on-again, off-again lover VARIETY JONES (Mimic)—the young starlet with the drinking problem (and the money borrowed from the mob) who also happens to be Grant’s on-again, off-again lover, too!  She’s actually hoping to make off with the Eye, “to keep it ‘safe’ for Dirk,” while the boys shoot it out…

But she didn’t count on her egg-headed, gear-crazy roomie VIRELLA CANNON (Genius) tagging along!  Virella’s an orphaned, redheaded seventeen-year-old Georgia girl who likes Grant, hates Dirk, and is literally in love with Variety.  There’s no way Variety can sneak away with the Eye (and pay back Toby Random of the Western Family) without Virella noticing—and blabbing to Grant.

It’s all quite a mix-up in the works already—before T. L. RANDOM (Hapless), Tony’s straight-and-narrow, history professor nephew, steps into the bank, seconds behind Dirk, and recognizes the Eye!  He’s fresh from a lecture on Egyptian magic at UCLA when he spies the Eye in Dirk’s pocket and decides to make a citizen’s arrest.

“Stop, thief!” the good Samaritan yells at the exact moment Dirk draws a pistol from his other pocket and bellows “E’rybody on da floorah!  NOW!”


It’s all up to you…

THE FORLORN CITY (basically just “Red Nails” from here on out)

More info on two of our heroes:

Grant Nettles, P.I. – Hero – Hardnosed?  Yeah.  Broke?  Probably.  Blame it on the ponies?  Naw.  Blame it on the broads I can’t stop chasing, the ones who play the ponies with money smuggled out from the under the flower-stuffed noses of their bored, playboy boytoys…  Blame it on fate.  Blame it on your mother—just don’t blame me.  I’ve been stopping murders and getting grannies their retirements back for longer than you been alive.  Seen it all?  Definitely.  Headed to Forlorn & Howitzer First Bank of Burbank to stop that fool Dick Doogan from robbing the joint—again—thanks to a tip from Variety.

Virella Cannon, Gearhead – Genius – “VIE rell ah” is a red-haired sassy seventeen-year-old runaway from Vidalia, GA, who can fix anything with moving parts.  Suspicious of men and desirous of a new, exciting, independent life, Virella has been rooming with Variety for three months.  After helping Variety land a gig in a racing movie, Virella talked her way into her first movie job—washing tyres all day.  Luckily, a liver sprain (drunken fit) has just taken her boss out of commish, and she’s headed into Lucky Bros. Studios on her day off to take over as Assistant Junior Special FX Mechanic to the Stars…  She has to stop off at the bank first, though, to help Variety out with a little cashola.  Seems the starlet has been down on her luck with the horses (again!?), and Virella has to be a pal.  SECRETLY she has a crush on Variety and would do anything for her/to be her/[maybe, sadistically] to control her.  Anything.  She tipped off Grant that Dick would rob the same bank again in a week.


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