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December 20, 2011 / Wythe

Scenario: The Clockwork Panther

I wanted to challenge myself for d6 scenario #3: The constraints? Switch genre. Base it in the world of Scott Pilgrim and (also!) the Brothers Quay. Switch place-inspiration. Base it on Atlanta, the vibe of growing up in the sprawling city-burb, listening to rap and metal and playing, natch, DnD. Show the archetypes used (again) in a totally new way. Perhaps the germ of something…

What I sketched down in my phone-notes was this (we never played this one but could always do so):

The Clockwork Panther of Ludicus Brole


The Clockwork Island of that famous composer, Ludicus Brole, Magister of Sonic Enhancement under Emperor Such-and-Such, way back during the early Tephnian Empire.


Carnosaur – a prog metal band in Atlanta, the night after the release of their first indie-label LP, Slaughter Circus:

HERO – Hector (“Heck”) Garciasvoice, guitar – the shy but forceful leader – 27

MADMAN – Rashid Alilead guitar – the artist, the Wolverine – 28 – Heck’s best friend since high school

GENIUS – “Donna X” (Catherine Anna Xenakis)voice, keys – bossy but doubts herself, smart as they come, ultimately reliable but a little greedy/goal-oriented – 25 – Heck’s girl

SAINT – Aaron Millerdrums – lovable dumbass and workhorse, always cleans up the mess, makes peace with the smashed up bars after shows – 24

HAPLESS – Zippy Osbornbass – still lives with his McMansion parents, the true Southern stoner who never wants to go along on the rest of Carnosaur’s so-called “adventures,” unless they involve hella MDMT- 26

MIMIC – Kayguitar, turntables – 25 – Rashid’s new girl and the new bandmate—after a lot of in-fighting in which Rashid pulled the best-friend card to get her in.  No one knows shit about her


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