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December 27, 2011 / Wythe

d6 RPG System: Notebook #3

I said:

What about something like:


  1. BODY – bad-assery: strength, toughness, melee damage
  2. SPEED – dexterity: initiative, tumbling, defense, missile damage
  3. MIND – smarts: skills, computers/magic/psi
  4. CHARISMA – uh, charisma: sexiness, bluffing, wheeling/dealing
  5. SANITY – unconscious health: empathy, instinct, perception
  6. LUCK – uh, luck: kismet, fate, coinkydink-itude, wealth

Standard char. creation = assign 8 points, adding no more than 4 to a single ability.

After 8 points assigned, you can min/max another 4 points if desired, subtracting no more than -2 from a single ability, at most twice/in order to add no more than +2 to a single ability, at most twice.


  1. The Hero  +2 BOD  -2 LUK – Who leads (reluctantly or otherwise)—quarterback, sergeant, paladin. Strong and tough but has the ill luck to be responsible… Car/horse/house constantly being blown up by the evil aliens.
  2. The Rebel/Prophet  +2 SPD  -2 MIN – Who knows the “Truth”—mob boss, fanatical DA, terrorist, freedom fighter, messiah. Fast (at bomb-making, at lying, at living another day) but often not very rational.
  3. The Genius  +2 MIN  -2 CHA – Who knows everything—psychic spy, weird scientist, wizard. Smart (duh) but sort of an asshat.
  4. The Madman  +2 CHA  -2 BOD – Who always does it differently—card shark, crazy taxi driver, “half-elf ranger with a mysterious past.” Cool/magnetic but, well, usually actually a pansy.
  5. The Saint  +2 SAN  -2 SPD – Who loves without reciprocity—nurse/doctor, mother, weed dealer, storyteller. Stable and patient but, well, patient to a fault (read: slow to finally shoot the giant evil thing eating his teammates).
  6. The Hapless  +2 LUK  -2 SAN – Who simply wants to get out alive—bank clerk, bystander, innocent. Somehow lucky enough to survive (sometimes) but scared more or less literally (read: literally) out of her mind. Also, normal enough to have a savings account and a house.

Routine (Body/Mind)

  1. Athlete  +2 BOD  -2 SAN – Ripped. Hours and hours bouncing at the bar/lifting at the gym/killing on the battlefield/working on the farm have left you tough as nails, but a little quick to stuff the cat in a duffle bag and launch it into traffic, if you catch my drift.
  2. Dayjob  +2 SAN  -2 CHA – Average. You’re not ripped, but you do work out. Hours at the computer/counting beans for the lord of the castle have left you patient as hell but sort of (read: very) boring.
  3. Elf  +2 SPD  -2 LUK – Ranger, runner, ninja. Hours of running through ye Wilde Woode/zipping past the Careening Asteroids have left your reflexes honed, but have also dented your whip/given your horse shinsplints.
  4. Grandma/pa  +2 MIN  -2 BOD – Sickly, skinny, “inside kid.” Hours of thinking about how much you love everyone and baking brownies have left you good at whipping up an endless array of brownies but bad at killing space trolls.
  5. Newman/Roseanne  +2 LUK  -2 SPD – Fat. Hours of eating brownies have made you greedy and good at buying brownies but left you slow to move your lardacious ass away from the computer (
  6. Model  +2 CHA  -2 MIN – Hot. Hours of being hot have left you, uh, hot. But stripping doesn’t teach you much about molecular chemistry/wizarding.


  1. Curious/Reckless  +2 LUK  -2 MIN – Always game for whatever. Usually dumb about it, tho.
  2. Nurturing/Codependent  +2 CHA  -2 SAN – Always there. Usually need to not be, for own sake.
  3. Prudent/Paranoid  +2 MIN  -2 LUK not bod cha – Always wise. Usually unable to help due to germs from space on everything (real or not).
  4. Sanguine/Greedy  +2 SPD  -2 CHA – Always winning. Usually being an asshat about it.
  5. Stoic (at One With)…/Narcissistic  +2 BOD  -2 SPD – Always awake. Usually unable to help due to contemplating perfect embodied awesomeness.
  6. Laid-Back/Apathetic  +2 SAN  -2 BOD – Always calm. Usually pretty stoned, tho. I mean, stoned-until-sober-again stoned. Coughing. Hungry.

With these 3 sets of plusses and minuses, I just randomly rolled/not-randomly named a low-fantasy party.  I also thought about HP, AC, and AT (attack).  HP could = BOD x 2, minimum 2 for starting players.  AC could = 6 + (whatever armor bonus, scaled down to a range of +1–+4) + SPD.  AT could = BOD or SPD (by weapon, melee or missile) + (some level based bonus?).

Zakandor the Cruel, Brigand-Wizard of Yzek – Madman Grandpa Sanguine =
BOD -4, SPD +2, MIN +2, CHA 0, SAN 0, LUK 0 before any points spent
BOD -4, SPD +8, MIN +8, CHA -2, SAN -2, LUK 0 after 8 points, 4 min/max
HP 2, AC 14, AT -4/8.

Iron Ioda, Zakandor’s She-Golem Guard – Genius Dayjob Stoic =
BOD +2, SPD -2, MIN +2, CHA -4, SAN +2, LUK 0 before any points spent

BOD +7, SPD +1, MIN +1, CHA -1, SAN +1, LUK -1 after 8 points, 3 min/max
HP 14, AC 7+(iron), AT 7/1

Velch the Stoat, Zakandor’s Guide in [This Area] – Hero Model Laid-Back =BOD 0, SPD 0, MIN -2, CHA +2, SAN +2, LUK -2 before any points spent
BOD +2, SPD +4, MIN -1, CHA +2, SAN +1, LUK 0 after 8 points, 1 min/max
HP 4, AC 10+(leather, dodge?), AT 2/4 (missile bonus for ranger-ness?)

Or-Zord the Knife, Zakandor’s Mercenary Captain (secretly working for the [This Area] law against Zakandor) – Rebel Athlete Laid-Back =
BOD 0, SPD +2, MIN -2, CHA 0, SAN 0, LUK 0 before any points spent
BOD +5, SPD +3, MIN -2, CHA +2, SAN -2, LUK +2 after 8 points, 2 min/max
HP 10, AC 9+(dodge?), AT 5/3 (melee bonus for barbarian-ness?)

Later, Or-Zord rolls to hit Zakandor with a broad sword.  OZ needs to roll a 6 (“a natural 20”) to hit, since his AT is too low Zak’s incredibly AC of 14.

To hit OZ back, Zakandor needs to roll a 6 with his dagger, or anything higher than a 1 (“a natural 1”) with his blow darts.

But if levels/other bonuses figure into this, maybe it doesn’t work.  I’m just riffing.

P.M. said:

I love where this is going, especially with the condensed 6 skills. I have always felt like “Luck” could be an actual ability (hence why I was pushing it so hard with my one-of guy and his charisma), especially in a world less based on skills and feats. Like, this guy just gets shit to happen.


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