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December 28, 2011 / Wythe

Prestige class: Bare Knuckle Boxer

Courtesy P.D.—here’s an awesome prestige class based on Brad Pitt’s Pikey character from Snatch:

Prestige Class – Fighter – Bare Knuckle Boxer


  • Must have 3 levels in Fighter.
  • Must have been reduced to 0 HP in hand to hand combat twice.
  • Must have reduced an enemy to 0 HP in hand to hand combat twice.

Class features:

At 1st level BKB receives Damage Reduction = to his/her BKB level, unarmed attacks are considered armed attacks, and unarmed attacks do 1d6+STR (instead of 1d4+STR).

At 2nd level BKB – must choose 1 of 2 style tracks: Whirling Dervish OR One-Punch Machine-Gun.

WD – the BKB can make 2 unarmed attacks against a single foe as a full-round action. These attacks are made at no penalty for dual-wielding. In any round where BKB lands every hit attempted, the following round the BKB may make an additional attack on the same target. In any round where BKB misses an attack, the following round s/he returns to 2 per round.

OP MG – the BKB can “mark” 1 target. BKB receives +4 AC vs. that target as long as BKB makes no attacks. If marked opponent misses any melee attack against BKB, BKB then makes an immediate attack at +4, doing 4d6+STR damage. If successful, target must make Fort Save vs. amount of damage dealt or fall unconscious.

At 3rd level BKB may choose to take an addiction (DM’s discretion as to what). If selected, then while under the influence of the substance BKB get damage reduction = to twice his/her BKB level. However, if not under the influence, BKB has no damage reduction.

At 4th level BKB receives the next level of specialty style:

WD – the BKB may now divide his/her attack among any number of targets. Also, for every attack over 2 the BKB can make, they receive a +2 to AC as well.

OP MG – the BKB may “take a dive” on any successful melee attack by the BKB’s mark, the BKB may forgo their damage reduction to fall prone. If they do, next round they may make 1 attack vs. any target in range. This attack is an automatic hit (given the target is corporeal) and does 4d8+STR damage with Fort Save vs. damage or unconscious.

I said:

Later powers make it so all bare knux attacks come with a chance of knocking opponent out (on failed FOR save).

And higher level = add BKB lvl to 15 to determine difficulty of FOR save.


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  1. Wythe / Dec 29 2011 5:41 pm

    Also, srsly, we should all be listening to DnD With Pornstars when it comes to class design:

    I don’t think we need to abandon 3.5e/PF and beyond rules entirely, including prestige classes. I do think the idea of picking a couple of relevant, *actually cool* powers per level as opposed to slogging through pages and pages of rules, however… Well received.

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