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January 4, 2012 / Wythe


On this blog, in all my writings about RPGs, I tend to use a certain term to describe my aesthetic, to set the scene for worldbuilding and rules-nuancing. But what do I mean by the term “post-future,” as opposed to “post-apocalyptic?” Or as opposed to simply “futuristic,” for that matter?

What I mean is that we currently feel THE FUTURE is a thing, an object, that will arrive, at some point. And that, at some point, we will [have to] move on from this type of thinking.

In the far, far future—say, 100 million years from now—there will not necessarily be a concept of “futurity” and progress, especially if a genomically rebooted humanity is not the major or only sentient/sapient species on earth; if technology’s apex was passed millions of years ago; if futurity is buried underground (in “mounds”) and must be exhumed.

Thus, post-future.

In 100 M.Y., futurity is past-futurity, is buried, is archaeological as opposed to teleological.

“Post-apocalyptic” merely implies that one hump has been gotten-over. There will be others. There is progress. There is an “end,” a revelation (“apokálypsis”). In 100 M.Y., there are so many revelations, so many humps and die-offs, that there is no feeling of finality, end, or even progress; there is instead the creeping feeling of ungrounding, of un-learning, of repeating, in a Nietzschean sense, every mistake you’ve ever made…


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