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January 5, 2012 / Wythe

d6 RPG: ability scores (6 vs. 9)

More notes from the early days of the d6 RPG. P.M. said:

6 ability scores vs. 9 stats a la Warhammer 40,000: So one thing that I really enjoyed from the past were the old white wolf ability scores. It might be moving towards more complex, but I felt that it covered a very wide range of different things in only 9 ability scores. There is something nice about having intelligence and wisdom be separate. as I recall they were something like:

  1. str
  2. con
  3. dex
  4. int
  5. wis
  6. perception
  7. cha
  8. luck
  9. san

The last few I’m sure are different, but I feel like they cover almost everything we are looking for. I know the elegance of everything being in 6s is nice, but form must follow function, yesÉ. (Errrr, i don’t know where the question mark is on this silly French Canadian computer.)

I still really like the idea that int, wis, and perception are all different things. Like, you might be a guy who is super perceptive, notices everything going on, but doesn’t think to mention anything because he is an idiot.

Also, I really think that some sort of import of the warhammer stats could work very well. It is a simple and clean structure that is designed for a couple of different rolls at the same time, but easily ports into mutiple characters of different types (think Mordheim). The stats were:

  • weapon skill
  • ballistic skill
  • strength
  • toughness
  • num attacks
  • initiative
  • wounds
  • armor save

Clearly not all apply, but they are nicely based around d6s. I’m sure we could work out something specific. We should figure out if we want it to be object oriented, that each weapon class is used differently by character classes, but either way it should be fairly straight forward.

Aaaaand now here’s a bonus terrifying Warhammer 40,000 (?) mecha, a “Chaos Reaver Titan” –>

Chaos, Forge World, Reaver, Titan, Warhammer 40,000


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