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January 7, 2012 / Wythe

Catbot 9000: the fine print

Catbot 9000

Defense/audio recording felinoid robobeast, medium-sized, all black cerasteel body, vaguely leonine in shape. Monotonal, hilarious. Previously the property of the (long-dead) Archivist encountered by Veli, Zylla, Kayla, and Osc aboard the Red LAMMASSU. Now the property of Veli.

STR: 21 (+5)
DEX: 18 (+4)
CON: 25 (+7)
INT: 5 (-3)
WIS: 5 (-3)
CHA: NA / 1 (NA / -5)*

Hit points: 55
Psi: 0
SAN: NA (Catbot cannot become temporarily or permanently insane)

FOR: +13 [+6 (lion-esque), +7 (CON/metal)]
REF: +11 [+7 (lion-esque), +4 (DEX/robofast)]
WIL: -1 [+2 (lion-esque), -3 (WIS)]**

AC: 20 (DEX +4, black cerasteel body +6)
Base attack/grapple: +5/+14
Speed: 40 ft
Initiative: +8 (DEX +4, robofast +4)


  • Claw/claw/bite – att = +7; dmg = d8+5/d8+5/d12+5
    • Rake – If both claw attacks hit, Catbot automatically hits with his rear claws for an additional 2d4+5 dmg
  • High Tephnian machine gun, imperfect (Kayla welded to his back) – att = +4; dmg = 3d6, has ammo for 3 rounds of full-burst fire (after which Catbot’s back must be opened and the gun’s clip changed out)
  • Tail club – Every round of combat, Catbot’s tail has a 1 in 6 chance of accidentally swatting a random friend or foe within melee distance; his tail does 1 dmg


  • Audio recording – Catbot is not just a ruthlessly protective “pet”—he’s also a fun way to take notes! Anything “master” or a friend of master says to him is recorded to his “brain” and may be accessed later. He can speak back what audio was said to him, or a transcript of same may be “read” by connecting his robobrain to a com. He himself does not understand everything that he records, nor does he attempt to. Unless it involves milk. Catbot irrationally indexes and frequently refers to any recordings about milk in his rambling pidgin “meowing.”
  • Infravision – Catbot can see in the dark as well as the light.
  • Robot – Catbot is a robot:
    • Catbot neither sleeps nor eats.
    • He requires solar power, though the amount of sun-time required varies with his power-usage: In “sleep mode,” he can last thousands of years without light; in “active mode,” he needs a few hours of direct sunlight per day to function at maximum capacity (without suffering CON dmg, 1 pt per day of insufficient sun; at 0 CON, he shuts down and requires 25 days of full sun to reactivate).
    • His powercore/battery is a solar-renewed atomic “heart” that, if damaged sufficiently (it is the size of a pea and has 300 hp), flowers out into a thirty-foot sphere holocaust similar in intensity to a small sun; anything in that sphere checks REF (to get out of the sphere); failure means death by nuclear inferno; success means 10d6 damage from passing through the heat of the air-plasma corona around the inferno. Don’t mess with Catbot’s tiny heart.
  • Robopet – Catbot serves one “master” (pilot) at a time. He served one Archivist for several thousand years. Now he serves Veli. Veli may “give” him to another “master,” though Catbot will be “sad” about this…


*I mean, he’s a huge robot cat who only takes commands from one master at a time and can neither lie nor seduce… If you just gotta make Catbot do some Charisma-y shit, assume he’s working with a big uno in that department.

**Catbot cannot betray his master; his Aasimovian basic programming disallows it, and he will simply not act at all if commanded to betray, hurt, or otherwise disobey his master. He is intelligent, however, and his “mind” can be “controlled,” though, again, he can’t be driven mad, made to kill himself or his master, etc. He’s… a big-ass dumb cat made of metal.


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