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January 11, 2012 / Wythe


Based on DnD With Pornstars’ Nephilidian vampire.

I loved the idea of sewer-dwelling aqua-vampires plaguing Pala, so I adapted the Nephilidians for 100 M.Y. They became the Nephilites, a cult of gene-stealing snake-humans who must drink “pure” (human, non-mutant) blood in order to replace some missing Ophidian Enzyme.

Unlike the Nephilidians, the Nephilites aren’t magical (nothing is); they can’t change shape radically, though they do gradually grow in size and become more serpentine.

Other obvious inspirations for the gene-stealing snake-vampire Nephilities:

The Nephilites are both a synthetic species and a cult. They dwell in the sewers beneath the largest cities of Pala, occasionally repairing to the swamps to hide from would-be hunters. They seek to swell their numbers by selecting prime converts from hapless humans and unhumans nearby. (They do not select insectids, sents, or ammon; desperate or curious Nephilites may select squamids, quan, and gmothi.)

Nephilite society is organized around one Carrier Queen (usually an attractive middle-aged human woman, unserpentine, herself not missing the Ophidian Enzyme), her two Phallarchs (fifteen-foot tall snakemen with great hoods and six arms), their roughly two dozen Rapax (commandos, mansnakes who walk but bite, who like to cut hunks from humans and devour them raw), and the various Curates (leaders, insane humans with wild snake eyes) and Laity (mooks, humans who are still in the process of getting hooked).

A Nephilite warren can contain only thirty or as many as two hundred Nephilites. Above two hundred, the warren splits and the weaker Phallarch leaves with several Curates and Lay-Snakes, in search of a new pure-breed carrier…


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