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January 12, 2012 / Wythe

Altered earth maps

1. Awesome map of ruined future-Australia. Courtesy Giblet Blizzard.

2. Beautiful map of Antarctica-free-of-Ice. Also courtesy Giblet Blizzard.

I love altered earths because they strike such immediate chords: They terrify because they seem more possible than Middle Earths, Dantean hells, or implausibly hospitable Star Trek exoplanets.

Alteration can occur by nuke, by mycotic blight (Naushikaa, Valley of the Blue Snails), by over-terraforming, by invasion from outer space (a la “The Metamorphosis of the Earth“), simply by the passage of time, or by all of these.

My own maps are perhaps not as well constructed as Jez’s. Even so, they sufficiently display my Planetary Romance with the Earth. Here’s upside-down-India/er, I mean, the northeast corner of Pala (Djenma, a desolate region of gmothi-held Fjatal):

Oh yeah, and perhaps this sweet Frog Idol adventure happens around here somewhere. Because, of course, it features “an island made out of zombies which floats around the swamp.” (!)


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