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January 24, 2012 / Wythe

Three 100MY campaigns: characters

I wanted to organize the characters that my friends/playtesters have chosen so far—to compare the overall feel of the three groups, but also to get a sense of how players generally organize, as a group, within a new world. The new campaign, P.D.’s is Bad Education, level 1:

  • Gmothi Zanni
  • Human Malmain
  • Human Gunslinger
  • Ammon Physiotech

The “wacky” campaign, Dinosaur Circus, is level 4ish:

  • Varanid Gunslinger/Physiotech, currently half-melted, missing some organs…
  • Gmothi Hell Scientist [I know, I know—we bent the rules so G. could play yet another gmothi orphan primitive–psychic]
  • Ammon Hacker, can inflate and float slowly like a balloon
  • Mantid Black Legionary [KIA]; she was the mole!
  • Green Malmain and drug-addict
  • Horseheaded Man Zanni

The original campaign, Headless Giant, is levels 8–9:

  • Gmothi Hacker/Cryptospark, the thief/money-oriented character
  • Ammon Mutagenicist/Physiotech/Steammonk, the doc/whiz character
  • Human Hell Scientist, leader/seductrix
  • Green Malmain, actually commands the NPCs
  • Human Snakehead [MIA], new to DnD
  • Unhuman Barbarian [MIA]
  • Human Blooder [KIA], leader-esque

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