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January 26, 2012 / Wythe

Metamorphosis Alpha: complex complexity chart

(Chart copyright the Metamorphosis Alpha people.)

The best/worst thing in Metamorphosis Alpha—a “complexity chart” that had me suffering from the lols on first glance. If you can explain this, you should get a Ph.D. right away. (P.D. added: “I assume you roll dice to use it… but… um… DANGEROUS WILD.”)

I love that MA contains buckets of good ideas about future guns, mutants, life on a world-ship, goofy and grim ways to screw with PCs re the aliens’ real motive(s), etc. MA has lots going for it. But not actual rules. In that category, I’ll stick with DnD.

That said, I am going to use this chart, somehow, I swear, in my campaign… Maybe this is the one-pager “qwick-start” instruction manual that comes with your new tessera


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