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January 27, 2012 / Wythe

Diaspora: another sweet quotation, about blue laser dogs

At other times, story precedes mechanics. For example, Jonah wants to play a blue dog that shoots short-range lasers from its head instead of playing a character. Fine. We model it as an animal, give it a skill column, and let it have an integral weapon. It doesn’t even need to be an energy weapon: we can even model it as a sword, with the range of 0-1. Mechanically, it is no different than any other creature with claws. But Jonah’s imagination is on fire, and he gets to tell the stories that he wants, padding through spaceship corridors zapping boarders.

My emphasis. Here’s a link to buy Diaspora, a hard sci-fi RPG with a LOT of rules.

I like this game a lot in theory, and I’m excited to try the FATE system at some point. But something tells me the writers, perhaps lost in the mechanics-weeds, would be better served putting their obvious intelligence, their abstract-in-the-best-way prose style, and their inspiring sci-fi sensibility toward a spaceship-chasing/fighting-specific game rather than a traditional, DnD-esque RPG…

That said, a) I’m not done reading the book, and b) it does include the subhead:

When in doubt, ninjas!

So excitement abounds.

Here’s a link to my previous Deep Thought Courtesy Diaspora >>


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