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January 31, 2012 / Wythe

Monsters: weird (but real) cats

Oh man, you can totally just throw some of these weird-looking pseudo-cats into your DnD/PF/[insert RPG here] campaign. Please tell me one of my PCs is going to bring these species back from (future) extinction to serve as annoying/dangerous pets…

  • The Caracal – AKA the Persian Lynx, the Egyptian Lynx, the African Lynx. It’s not a lynx. “fiercely territorial” / savagely cute ears. Small but strong.
  • The Civet – AKA the Toddycat, the Musang. Has strong musk glands. The coffee cat! (Eats/poops out the most expensive coffee beans on earth.) But not a cat, rather a primitive pseudo-cat. Caused SARS. #NotEvenJokingBro
  • The Fossa – Latin name Cryptoprocta ferox. (“Wild Hidden Anus”) [#NotEvenJokingBro] Isolated genetically from other (real) cats. Larger than a housecat, with a smoothly tawny red-brown coat. Lives in Madagascar. (Madagascar: Thank you for hosting a parade of weird animals. Keep it up.)
  • The Genet – Tiny, long tail. Is legal to own in the US outside of NYC—and even litter-trainable. Unfortunately, also has strong musk glands.
  • The Linsang – Tiny mystery skinny/long pseudo-cat. Perhaps, in the far future, hunts without eyes in massive swarms…?
  • The Serval – AKA the Golden Cat, the Tiger-Forest Cat. Skinny, big-eared. “Has a high-pitched chirp, and can hiss, cackle, growl, grunt, and meow.” #ServalRock

Aaaaand I feel like I should mention Catbot here but can’t think of why. Oops.

Genet image by LA Dawson.


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