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February 2, 2012 / Wythe

d6 RPG: the mimic

More notes from the early days of the d6 RPGCritical turn here: THE MIMIC (parasite, spy, chameleon, ill fit) joins the archetypes. I said:

New archetype: the MIMIC

Can dig still doing a super generic quick system that uses no tables, just ~12 stats (and how stats relate to archetypes, and to one another)…  Would love to pursue both (i.e., work out cool tables while also considering generic/reduced/lightweight version).  Tables should mos def include PETS?, FAVORITE/HATED FOOD/DRINKS, and SEXUAL PREDILECTIONS.

In other news, I have, again using Serres’s own text, resolved the issue of the Rebel.  Admission:  I made up the Rebel and wedged him in with the other “jokers”/outsiders/protagonist archetypes.  Then, in a later chapter, Le Parasite becomes all about the archetype of the Mimic:  Who is Tartuffe really?  What is a chameleon, a stickbug, a polar hare, etc.?  I like the Mimic a lot more than the Rebel the more I think about it.

Here’s another chart I did on my phone while stuck on the train for like three fucking hours this morning (again, stats placeholder; includes sample stances re: any given “Evil Empire,” ye olden kingdom, mob racket, space program, unjust war, peaceful market-town, etc.—i.e., setting):

  • The Hero  +2 BOD – defends the good parts of the system (brave)
  • The Madman  +2 PER – overturns the system/creates a new system (visionary)
  • The Genius  +2 INT – engineers and thus profits from the system (rational)
  • The Saint  +2 SAN – tries to improve the lives of those in the system (moral)
  • The Hapless  +2 LUK – uses and is used by the system (fair)
  • The Mimic  +2 CHA – parasites [those in] the system (thrillseeking)

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