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February 3, 2012 / Wythe

Monster: monkey cobra

Monkey Cobra – AKA – Monkobra – AKA – Ape Snake

“This five-foot monstrosity combined the fearsome but somehow hypnotic aspect of the hooded king cobra—black brick-like scales tumbling down a sinusoid frame, highlighted along the ventrum by interlocking green, red, and highlighter-yellow diamonds. The head of the beast, however, resembled both an ophidian and horror-ape—a baboon’s head, twisted and fleshless, its little face stretched into a masque of eternal pain, its hairy ears perked and twitching in the wind. Worse, the hood of the thing only partially hid two pinkish monkey’s arms, terminating in sharp black claws. The whole moved so quickly, the eye questioned the brain wondering if it’d been deceived. But the worst—the plain and absolute worst, I mean, Samson—was the noise the chimera made when the ‘Good Doctor’ goaded it with his patented Elektrotentacle…”

—Shelley, “The Odd Story of Dr. Hugh Teabrow.”

STATS (or make/beef them up to suit your campaign):

HD 4 (36 hp)
AC 16 (as chainmail and shield) [DEX + scales]


  • Bite+5 to hit, 2d12 dmg
    • If bite hits, save versus FORTITUDE: failure = paralysis and d6 CON dmg; success = no dmg. After four failures, if you’re still alive, gain one necrotic disease at random
  • Claw/claw +5/+5 to hit, d6/d6 dmg
    • If both claws hit, monkey cobra gets another free bite attack (again +5 to hit, 2d12 dmg)

Special powers:

  • Hoothiss – monkey-screaming while hissing (via amazing two-throat/eight-sinus construction of the head and respiratory tract); horrifying: While attacking, all non-deaf prey [PCs] in range of hearing save versus WILLPOWER or become shook, unable to act except in reaction to their attacker. In game terms, they always act after the monkobra, regardless of initiative
  • Hisshoot – hissing while monkey-screaming (via same); terrifying: Instead of attacking, the monkobra may hisshoot and force all within range of hearing to make a SANITY check (or WILLPOWER, if you’re not using SANITY). Failure = lose 2d6 SAN (or take d6 INT dmg) and run away from the monkobra. Success = per hoothiss, you act after the monkobra next round… The hisshoot, however, is an adaptation evolved not to scare off prey, but to even the odds. Each failure/act-of-running-the-fuck-away has 1 in 6 chance of having the opposite effect and bringing the terrified prey toward the monkobra’s gleaming fangs
  • Hypnoslithoptics – “…the eyes! the eyes! those pink, hateful marbles! Satan himself could not resist them!” —ibid: No game effect except against blind prey/PCs, who are hypnotized (no save) and cannot act as long as the monkobra remains staring at them. Used to defend against Ancient Wind-Fist Kung Fu Abbots, optics-damaged androids, etc.

And here are some BONUS HORRORS, sans stats:

  • The Dorphant – The cat-sized elephant once bred by Tephnian nobles to play the role once played, perhaps, by the “house cat,” millions and millions of years ago. Cute? Beauty’s in the eye of the… floating green tentacular monster. Anyway, the dorphant may have been brought back from extinction thanks to some indelicate tissue sampling (tomb-raiding) and clever mutagenics. May turn out, further, that the things breed like rabbits and run over a small town… That would be hilarious/too bad
  • The Titanochat – The mostly hollow, house-sized elephant inhabited by cat-men from a lost age, one not recorded in any history disk. No central air, but amazing mosaics in every bathroom. Probably also extinct until recently…

Taking requests for more chimerae from the distant past.


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