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February 7, 2012 / Wythe

d6 RPG: multiple dice?

More notes from the early days of the d6 RPG. Big post re STATS = NUMBER OF DICE. Yes! A new direction for our gamebuilding. A critical turn here. P.D. said:

Was thinking about how combat would work with STATS = NUMBER OF DICE. so there are some examples below. Only included a BODY and SPEED stat since those are the combat ones (though maybe luck factors in?). if anything is unclear -lemme know. My thought is make attack rolls CONTESTED by default. So if you’re doing your best to hit me, I’m doing my best to not get hit, every time. So it’s always your accuracy VS my dodginess. period. Armor never factors into do-you-hit-me, armor is a separate thing that reduces or prevents damage (before being destroyed). Guns are very dangerous. Attacking someone who has a gun un armed is generally a bad idea. Obviously this system glosses over SOME things, but does this work as a basis? @Wythe – does this make sense in terms of relating to the STATS as you see them? @Paul – do my numbers make for plausible probabilities?


Grant Nettles, P. I. (Hero)
combat skills:
HP: 18 (this is just BODYx6)
HIT SKILL(melee): 3
SHOOT SKILL(range): 3

Liam “The Slime” Tooch, Rum runner (Madman)
combat skills:
HP: 12

Grant enters from the other end of the large garage, unarmed, to find Liam hunched over the EXPLOSIVE DEVICE OF IMPORT he is strapping to the concrete column that will collapse the convention center above hopefully killing the new Senator. Liam hears Grant enter and turns. Grant, “Give it up, Slime.” Liam, “Never!”

Roll for Initiative. Grant gets a 4+2(speed) Liam gets a 1+3.


Grant charges across the room, attempting to close the distance. He will reach Liam next round.
Liam pulls out his revolver and squeezes off 3 shots at the charging Grant.

ATTACK ROLL: Liam has a SHOOT SKILL of 3, so he rolls 3d6 for the first shot, 2d6 for the second, and 1d6 for the last. Grant has a SPEED of 2, so he rolls 2d6 to determine how dodgy he is this round, while charging. (a move to make attack rolls contested by default).

Grant rolls 2d6: he gets a 3.
Liam’s shots: 13, 3, 2.

Only the first one hits. The damage of Liam’s pistol is 6 (standard damage for pistols). Grant goes to 12 life.


Grant attacks Liam. He has a HIT SKILL of 3, so he attacks 3 times (3d6, 2d6, 1d6) Liam rolls 3d6 for his SPEED and gets an 8.
Grant rolls: 12, 11, 4. Two hits. Grant does damage = to his BODY, Liam takes 6 damage and goes to 6 HP.

Liam empties his last 3 Revolver shots. Grant rolls to dodge: he gets a 5. Liams shots: 8,4,6. That does 12 more damage, and Grant falls to the ground, unconscious.

Liam sets the last charge and vamooses. The Senator dies.


Grant and Liam again. Grant has picked up a lead pipe from outside the Garage (deals BODY+3 instead of BODY damage in melee) and is wearing a Bullet-Proof Vest (if shot, roll d6: 3 or greater reduces damage to 1 and knocks wearer down. 6 hits destroys armor.

“Give it up, Slime.” “Never!”

Initiative Grant=3+2 Liam=1+3.

Grant charges.

Liam shoots 3 times. Grant’s dodge roll: 7 Liam’s attacks: 7,5,6 miss miss miss.


Grant closes with Liam as his move. Grant attacks with pipe! Liam’s dodge: 17! Grant’s attacks:11,n/a,n/a miss, miss, miss.

Liam uses last 3 bullets: Grant’s dodge: 3 uh oh! Liam’s attacks: 6,9,6 HIT HIT HIT. Grant rolls for his vest: 1, 5, 5. The vest takes 2 of the bullets: Grant loses 8 life (now at 10) and is knocked down.


Grant’s move action is to stand. Grant attacks Liam. Liam’s Dodge: 10. Grants’ attacks: 15, 10, 4 – 1 hit for 3+3 damage, Liam goes to 6 HP.

Liam is out of bullets, it takes 2 rounds to reload (a revolver is tricky) and he’s in combat. He takes a few swings at Grant. Grant’s dodge: 9. Liam’s attacks (only 2): 8,3 miss and miss.


Grant swings again. Liam’s dodge: 8 (pretty low for 3d6!). Grant’s attacks: 7, 10, 5. 1 hit for 6 damage, Liam is knocked out.

Grant looks at the bullet hole in his shoulder. Grimaces…then yanks the wires from the device…


I was using a sort of modified version of Move Action, Standard Action, Minor Action…altered a bit cause Paul and I talked about how it’s ridiculous that someone couldn’t squeeze off more than 1 or 2 shots in a round…but it occurs to me, what if your # of actions per round is simply ALSO your speed score? (which could also mean that you DON’T add speed to Initiative, which I kind of like…yes actually, more on this later. I think initiative should be done by sides of conflict. for fun.) but but but, in combat, in a round, if you have speed 2, that means you could use both to move, or you could move and then attack, or you could attack twice. That makes sense to me and if we make “2” the average for almost everyone, then most people will have a very dnd like round. For someone with speed 3 (like the slime above) that means he gets three shots off cause he has a 3 speed. etc etc. so he could also move and shoot twice. etc etc. That means that in the rounds that Grant moves AND attacks, he’d actually be swinging fewer times (like when he had to take an action to stand) and that ALSO makes sense. It also feels good that having a big fat slob of a character with a speed of 1 would actually be REALLY bad. like you couldn’t move and act in the same round, which is kind of a nice extreme. Also means you can very easily stat up Zombies or other shambling Enemies with a Speed of 1, and have them be good target/practice etc.

I said:

Ideas about how it [stats = no. of dice] works for other types of rolls:  What about Grant rolling contested SAN versus the CHA of the infamous juke joint dancer Betty the Boa (AKA the Constrictor, the mob boss’ moll)…?  She has a CHA of 4; Grant only has a SAN of 2.  Contested dice, 4d6 against a mental “dodge” of 2d6:  She rolls an 11, 8, 6, and 6.  He rolls a 3.

She seduces him four times over?  Or:  She seduces him for 4×10 minutes?  After which he is no longer turned on:  He sobers up, in another dive; feels his hip pocket; he’s been rolled for forty smackers; his hand has a cut he can’t remember getting; all that’s left of Betty is the signature smell of her hair—gasoline, gin, and regret…

What if non-combat rolls were tied to time?  Or, rather:  What if all rolls had to be tied to either a) a combat outcome, b) a duration, or c) a simple yes/no overcoming-of-obstacle (open the lock, jump from building to building, track the dino-rider)?  Can we think of exceptions?


What if everyone starts at 2 in every stat, with archetypes giving a +1 bonus.  EXP gives more.  That would make for a real super duper simple system.


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