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February 11, 2012 / Wythe

Apocalypse World: I love this book

For passages like this:

Look through crosshairs. Whenever your attention lands on someone or something that you own — an NPC or a feature of the landscape, material or social — consider first killing it, overthrowing it, burning it down, blowing it up, or burying it in the poisoned ground… You can let the players think that some arrangement or institution is reliable, if they’re that foolish, but for you yourself: everything you own is, first, always and overwhelmingly, a target.

And for the overall design. And for the textbook-chiaroscuro, black and white illustrations. And for other reasons.

Certainly, if we weren’t playing 100 million years in the future, we would be trying AW‘s mechanics or adapting AW‘s unique set of classes (not its own term, but) to DnD.

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