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February 14, 2012 / Wythe

The obligatory 5E post

Found out weeks ago via the NYTimes and/or Rock Paper Shotgun but didn’t want to rush in with any comment. Mostly because every good blogger/intelligent commenter seems to agree: This is a good thing, right? But Paizo’s doing fine as it is, right? (But also how many of us are playing/ever really played an unmodded version of any edition?)

Anyway, DnD With Pornstars has three great posts on the subject already [read them, in order]. And we at 100MY don’t play DnD per se; we’re philozophizing adults (notice the double-zed): We play made-up-steam-mutant-something-something—yeah, okay, it’s DnD with rayguns.

My addition to the conversation, such that I can make one, is that there are so many good indie games (Hollowpoint, Apocalypse World, and Microscope jump to mind); that all the mechanics (retro, 3e, 4e, other, virtually none, etc.) have expanded so vastly, have been mined so well by so many crowds of well-intentioned nerds;—that I think WotC may actually do all right this time. I mean, all they have to do is read the blogs.

But here’s a wishlist, anyway, from the post-future:

  1. More fungi, but fewer “it just makes you trip then kills you” fungi
  2. More cartilaginous fish, more cephalopods, more sharktopi
  3. DINOSAURS EVERYWHERE—I mean, who doesn’t love them? Who?
  4. Do we really need the “paladin?” Really? (Saurian Riding Chevalier, at least, maybe?)
  5. Bring back Lovecraftian terror in mainstream DnD!
  6. Barbarians have insane strength but crippling tribal taboos
  7. Magic is dangerous to use (at least provide optional rules/suggest this)
  8. In-handbook conversion for sci-fi/post-apoc games (starship stats, guns)
  9. No pics of miniatures (srsly, hire an artist), at least in the handbook proper
  10. More random charts, keyword = random

Aaaaand I’ll stop there. Those jump out at me, anyway. (The Astute Reader guesses at which are more important and which, not so important. The Astuter Reader stays calm and rolls for it.)


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