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February 16, 2012 / Wythe

“The Stander,” further conversation & more thoughts re


Was thinking. Creating the Stander [psychic Jekyll/Hyde twin-self fighter per Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure] as a class would require it being different both flavor and mechanically from other classes. Flavor is easy. But what makes them stand apart? One idea: the PC has whatever ability scores they have. They have the lowest hit dice, the slowest base attack bonus, and only save well vs. Will. Their stand though:

  1. I think should be summoned at will, no pG. A stand is not a version of a malmain.
  2. At level 1, the stand functions as Str 10, Dex 10, Con 10. Every level you get 2 ability points to add to any of those.
  3. Stand has it’s own hit dice, prolly d10 or d12. Separate from the PC’s.


I like this. Perhaps, per lvl, choose from list: Stand gets better HD, more ability score points, hell science powers, etc. So your stand can be specialized. But you (the Caller) can also still shoot; you get skill points; you aren’t totally useless. I think this is untrained, closer to Malmain and Snakehead than Hell Scientist and Black Legionary. But pG based.

What if Stand was more per gen (genie) in al-Qadim (old/awesome DnD Arabian/Persian setting): Stand has its own desires; may not show; may not do as commanded? I think controlling a gen was CHA check, like haggling.


I think the Stand can have powers, and the powers should be pG-based, but I think the pG should belong to the stand. Like, it might be only a semantic difference, actually, but the more that the character is a weird management of 2 ACTUAL things I think the better. Partially this is about making the host lame (not dumb pathetic lame, but… generally untrained, unexciting), but really it’s about making the class unique. Making the management of the Stand different than the management of hellscience powers or what not.

And yes, CHARISMA based semi-autonomy does that IN SPADES. Nice idea. Me LIKE.

Also what if there’s something about the stand that is less “aura” as expression of internal desire. and more “alien parasite,” i.e., the way Venom or Carnage works… but not soupy skin-tar, but etheral power being…?


I like that you have proposed a Carnage/parasite class. #ILoveParasites ( #Obviously ) BUT I prefer the Stander be a strictly Freudian thing. (Or really, a Deleuze-reading-Freud-watching-anime thing.) I think the point is, there are different ways the ultracortex fuxes with people’s minds. The Stand is a natural one: The id takes over. Sometimes. It’s such a great, classic story. A parasite would change the whole point, and I do like the idea of a parasite class (prestige class?). Sound agreeable? I mean, I think the Stand is not an aura; it’s a real, material thing. It’s just pure id. The Caller has no control over it per se. She can only bargain with it. #UnstableAllies


Yeah… I keep wanting to make it an OUTSIDE thing. I think you are right thought that it needs to be an INSIDE thing.


Yeah, we should do both! Re Stand: Random deep thoughts (too much coffeeeee): I mean, it’s all part of Cyclonopedia, with which I am hell of obsessed: The Stand (id/monster/”mutant-dead-god” in Reza’s terms) is the radical outside WITHIN us. The oil (nasu/corruption/Mother of Abominations) is the radical outside of the EARTH, of the INSIDE.

This is what is so cool: He doesn’t actually propose a sci-fi scenario, but a sci-fi sounding reinterpretation of materialism. Thus I like making all this DnD shit sort of a Cyclonopedic version of real DnD/PF/d20modern.

So the idea of your id getting the better of you (Hyde; Frankenstein’s creature; Master Chemyst in PF; Freudian Oni in d20mod; werewolf form in Werewolf, etc.) becomes literalized, material, in 100MY, without the need for an other/monster (per se) or a mutant you.

The Stand isn’t “you” [the Caller] radicalized [radically exteriorized]; it’s the within-of-you, presented [the most-interior, radically exteriorized]. Or something. I think it’s different enough from {normal me –> mutant werewolf Hyde me} to be really cool. Plus a cool name. Thanks, anime!

Or ignore all that and just note, next P+W post-DnD development project on the agenda =

The Carnagon

(Or whatever the parasite class is called.)


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