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February 17, 2012 / Wythe

Ranger –> Scout conversion, PF –> 100MY

P.D. said:

Been brainstorming about how to make scout cool. And also different from other classes. Specifically, if Hacker gets the code stuff, what does the Scout “get.” my thought right now is animal companion. Like, the mutagenicist might have a sort of familiar, in the same way a wizard does, not super combat-y most likely, more to facilitate certain experimentation.

The Scout, though, he has a fucking life/hunting companion. My thought is this:

At 1st level, choose 1 of the following 4 animal-types. That is your companion:

  1. Flighted – bird, tiny pterodactyl, bat – this creature can fly, attack, scout ahead, deliver messages.
  2. Climbing – small monkey, ferret, spider-panda – this creature can sit on your back/shoulder, can steal things, sneak through crevices, climb walls
  3. Running – large deg, wolf, angry deer – this creature runs alongside you, is great in battle, or hunting.
  4. Carrying – ostrich, raptor, elk maybe? – this creature is a mount, can carry you or equipment, smaller but quicker than a normal mount

So then the idea would be that you have actual stats for this creature and that it is like a full 1/3 of who your character is. Like, a mutagenicist loses a familiar it’s like SHRUG okay I’ll grow a new one. If a scout’s animal companion dies it’s like NOOOO OLD YELLLLLLER WHYYYY I LOVVVEEEDDDD YYOUUUUU and bonding with a new one takes time.

Also, I think at a certain level, you get a second companion.


Yes to this, goes along perfectly with thoughts I’ve been thinking on fauna/need to spam post-apoc fauna more into game anyway.

  1. Flyer (nonmount, used for scouting or, if pteranodon, attack—super fast)
  2. Demisent (dogheaded man butler or apeman violinist [Chico to your Groucho] e.g.—”smart,” but you have less control over and can’t ride)
  3. Mount (rapaxosaur e.g.—fast, attacks)
  4. Swarm (non-brain rat; probably titan darkling gun beetles, or dragonflies?—less companion, more tactic)
  5. Buddy (deg, maanhaar, tamed/tentacle-clipped displacer beast—buddies can perform/charm/comfort, promote healing of SAN)
  6. Pack Animal (brumbul e.g.—can carry lots of stuff or lots of dudes, but can’t move too fast)

Also, BREAKDANCING ALLOSAURUS! Being a 7th type of animal companion, avail. only after 10th lvl.


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