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February 18, 2012 / Wythe

Osc on his water day

Recently, Dr. Osc (the greedy ammon steammonk, played by the kind-hearted human teacher/musician) failed a once-annual Willpower save to avoid contracting seasickness, which of course means “having to go back into the sea” sickness, if you’re an ammon or quan.

Osc was game, and of course he had a follower (at that point)—a short, bright red, death-ray equipped, clone-destroying Mark IV android robot guard nicknamed George Cloney. So Osc’s player sent Osc into Lothay Bay and took G.C. out to the Wall of Razzan, then down sixty stories into the underground pseudo-nation of Guznechnya, which had to be wiped out. (Long story.) Everyone except the poor android lived. Osc failed his save the next day and remained in the sea. Here is what Osc’s player imagined it looked like:

And as an added bonus, we learned that, “if Osc ever discovered a miraculously preserved record of all 20th-century music, this would be his favorite—”


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