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February 19, 2012 / Wythe


P.D. said:

I was just lying on the floor reading jojo’s bizarre adventure and I was thinking about the barbarian and how the barbarian stuff that we half talked about and that I sort of typed off doesn’t really get there.

And I was thinking about how part of what I love about the barbarian is that s/he has a d12 hit die. Like YEAH right there, no special rules, nothing fancy just BAM 12, and we get it, this person can take some fucking punishment is BUILT for combat.

And so us transforming the rage power into the rage die, yearh that’s good but then I was thinking… it’s not a lot of power and compared to all the awesome powers and choices that other classes have and so maybe we give them access to the modes of attack like the soldier but that doesn’t make sense either… Then I was like

You know what maybe is the bullshit part about the barbarian is that rage is like a spell. just as mutagenicist or psionist can have a thing that exists for ROUNDS = to LVL and whatever, and any development of that idea just leads to the barbarian as a collection of not at all barbaric spell like powers.


Fuck that noise.

What I say is if you are a barbarian, you can work yourself into a rage. Bam you can do it. Maybe it takes a round, or maybe it takes getting hit, and then you have your rage die and you add it to just pretty much every roll. Everything. And how long does that go on? For as long as you have stuff to hit. Maybe there’s a risk of hitting a friend, maybe whatever… The point is that if you are a BARBARIAN character you are not managing some complicated system that is just a different skinning of a Monk or Malmain system. You. Are. Good. At Combat. You. Make. Attack. Rolls. They are. AWESOME. AND DO DAMAGE.

Also, whatever, you get armor. And if you want a gun, you get a gun, you just only ever spray bullets anywhere.



YES.  I like this fundamentality of thinking a lot. (To use a sort of BS new word I just made up or misused, probably the latter.)

I think the thing to do, complicated-rules-wise, is probably to determine when/if the Barb attacks friendlies in range of Rage.

Also GUN BARBARIAN should really be a manga, so yes.


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