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February 20, 2012 / Wythe

The “Fauna” page

…is finally updated! Check it out >>

Note: Many of these ideas are takes on existing DnD/PF/post-apoc RPG monsters. That said, they have been organized along the lines I’ve been using them, with notes on various morphological changes. In 100MY, nothing has magic, and non-sents don’t generally have any hell science powers.

Coming up in Fauna-land:

  • Simple table for random encounters – noting challenge-level of Pests versus Beasts vs. Anomalies vs. Demons vs. Xanjin
  • Specific thoughts on fauna in different biomes – a Nu-Biomes post #2
  • Demisents – including Dogfaced Men, Sahaguin, etc.
  • Sents – simple NPC tables, including all player species, the Federation, the Empire, the human north, and Latura
  • Warmachines/colossi – including the LAMMASSU…
  • Tephnian Lords – the immortal supermutant inhabitants of the ruined Great City…

Thoughts on 100MY fauna—especially on stats—are welcome!


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