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February 21, 2012 / Wythe

Six Stands

Here are six ideas for 100MY stands (and their callers). Sort of comic-booky, inspired by Alexander McQueen costumes and the neuro-jargon of Catherine Malabou:

  1. The Helmet – “Protect the head, ignore the brain.” Caller is Niero, a pudgy, bookish snob. The Helmet manifests as a huge but lithe human-looking cyborg of white steel with a redsteel faceless helmet/masque, sort of a big pistachio nut on top of an Evangelion body. The Helmet specializes in fighty, monk-ish, gunslinger-ish powers.
  2. The Twain – “We are both: Ernie/Elmo, Deleuze/Guattari, ec/ho…” Caller is/are Surb y Surbinnia, [a] conjoined twin[s], male and female—conjoined at the brain. They/it shares her/his thoughts. Small, ruddy teens. Surly, too smart of their own… The Twain manifests as two red rock-like monstrous children or imps with huge balloon-heads. They are always connected via long, wire-like tails. The Twain flies. The Twain uses Hell Science powers… a lot of them. Quotes mysterious ancient philosophers incessantly. Annoying to be around, but an asset.
  3. The Unface –”[…]” (Too high up for his face [lack of it] to show down below…) Caller is Dobro, a woman, tall and model-esque, wispy, distracted, flame-haired, slightly acne-scarred. The Unface manifests as a thirty foot tall, impossibly skinny red man made of ancient red tree-bark, capped with lush, gray-green fungal antennae.
  4. The Shayshay – “Mystic, mad, savage, saint—does it like a dog who don’t know how not to…” Caller is Yashyash, a massively antlered rif [green] shaman from the tribe of Yakalakay, in the deep Eastchasm where the Wandering Fungus grows. The Shayshay manifests as a blue vortex-man-woman with dreads and feet instead of hands. It can scan your mind. The hermashay eats bad thoughts and converts them into random acts of helpfulness. But is afraid of losing selfhood and often holds on too long [won’t stand down].
  5. The Carnar – “[…]” (Thugblood organgrinder…) Caller is Xerkik Hala, an unhuman veteran-turned-carnival performer from Assalu. The Carnar manifests as a twelve-armed, headless red man, shorter than an unhuman, with a ring of weeping yellow eyes around his lowest rib and lumbar.
  6. The Drastic Plastic – “Who changes change…” Caller is Vebb, a mentally disturbed young human woman from Llamagino. The Drastic Plastic manifests as a goopy blue–purple–black–clear snot, roughly as large as a young woman. A plastic bruise, able to change into any shape, the Drastic Platic makes eerie, quiet howls, all the time. The Drastic Plastic can float but not fly, and it is almost not-there (can’t attack/receive damage from guns and swords, etc.) until it chooses to manifest. Usually, it imitates rich nobles… Howls ensue.

Yeah, stands! Rules to come…

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