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February 23, 2012 / pauldmorrill

Possibilities for Malmain

How the malmain could work:

There are 3 different things a mind blade could do at every level—

  1. enhance the mind blade (+1 as magical weapon)
  2. imbue the mind blade (a passive effect on the blade, always active, adaptable)
  3. learn a blade skill (thing to do with the blade that costs pG)

Every level a mind blade can do ONE of these three things. Perhaps at LVL 1 she gets to pick 2. However, she cannot pick a choice such that the # of picks is more than half her level rounded up.

So, Juniper the malmain goes from lvl 5 to 6. She already has 3 blade skills, so she must either enhance the blade or imbue the blade.

This doesn’t account for charging the blade, something that really needs to be a big part of it. Perhaps that is a blade skill, perhaps it levels with the character but costs more pG, not sure.

This allows for a pretty great customization while not allowing for complete min-maxing.

Choices for Imbuing (this could be redone, possibly to be imbued with psilike abilities):

For every Lvl the malmain chooses imbue she can pick any number of qualities that adds up to the total number of levels.

So Juniper, at LVL 9, picks her fourth imbue. She could have 4 lvl ones, a lvl 3 and a lvl 1, etc. These can be changed by an hour of meditation.

Corrosive Anarchic Vorpal
Cunning Axiomatic Life Steal, half
Distance Collision Great Cleave
Flaming Holy +1 Attack
Huntsman Linked Striking
Keen Mindcrusher
Lucky Suppression
Merciful Unholy
Psychokinetic Wrenching
Seeking Rending Blades
Shock Deadly Blow

Blade Skills

A single blade skill can be chosen. Some blade skills are dependent on others (knife to the soul depends on charge, blade wind depends on blade storm).

Charge Mindblade 1 pG, move action.+2 pG, swift action Imbue the mind blade with Psi energy. Does 1d8 extra damage PER pG point spent. Can spend half your lvl rounded down.
Shoot Mind Blade 2 pG, standard action The blade flies out of your hand as if shot by a, well, a giant bow. Can be used as part of a full turn attack. Instantly returns to your hand afterwards. Range of 100 feet.
Deflect Attack 1 pG, swift action When you are being attack by a melee weapon you may spend 1 psi point to attempt to block the attack. You must declare it before the attack occurs. You roll an attack against your opponents attack – if you roll higher, you deflect the blow.
Knife to the Soul 1 pG, swift action You can have your charge damage do ability damage instead. Once your blade is charged, you may have it instead deal X Int, Wis, or Chr damage, where X is the number of Psi points originally spent to charge the blade.
Blade Storm 2 pG, full round action You split your blade into multiple fragments that shoot out and strike at nearby foes. As a full round action you may attack each opponent within 5 feet.
Blade Wind 3 pG, full round action You split your blade into multiple fragments that rapidly reach out and strike all foes nearby. As a full round action you may attack each opponent within 30 feet. Must first have blade storm.
Gruesome Riposte 1 pG, swift action For d6 rounds any attacks made against you result in an immediate retaliation attack at full attack bonus for d6 (no str bonus) damage.
Form of the Mind 1 pG, standard action You have learned to form your mind blade into other common objects (lock pick, pole, shovel, etc). The blade keeps this form until you allow it to revert back to its original blade form.

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