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February 24, 2012 / Wythe

Updating the Gunslinger

P.D. said:

Started writing up gunslinger rules. Went back and re-read pathfinder… and yes, Grit: cool. Binary presence of Grit System: cool. Flavor: cool. Most of the other mechanics suck balls, though. AND you get back Grit equal to your Wis MOD every day, and your max is your Wis MOD? Whatever. I propose:

pK serves as Grit. Or rather, manifest as, or is derived from…

1. A gunslinger has a pool of pK = to his gunslinger level + starting grit. The gunslinger recovers NO pK by sleeping or resting. The only way to achieve pK is by 1) rolling a crit, 2) landing a killing blow in the heat of battle with your Favored Firearm 3) doing something HELL OF awesome.

2. A gunslinger has a Favored Firearm. It can eventually be upgraded. Other people can’t use it. A Gunslinger always has a Base Attack Bonus, no matter what gun. BUT they also get 1pt to spend every level in the 4 modes of ranged attack (WOUND, DISABLE, IMMOBILIZE, RUSH)—those bonuses only apply when performing those attacks with the Favored Firearm.

3. A gunslinger at 1st level also selects a Way Of The Gun. (or a Path of the Gun?) This “way” (yeah, let’s say PATH) the path they choose determines how they manifest their Grit. What does it do for them. Gun Paths have several passive powers (or optional powers) that work as along as the GS has at least 1 pK (as per Grit). Each Path also has one ability that costs pK.

4. As the gunslinger gains levels, they choose new Paths, but may only have 1 Path active at a time (at least at low levels). To switch between Paths costs 1 pK and takes some amount of time.

And… that’s I think most of it. I am making the 6 1st-level Paths now. I need some help filling in the abilities if you have time to look. I think you have to have mastered all 6 paths in order to unlock higher stuff… maybe. Once again, I think it’s fun to build in enough frame work for ~6 levels of each class, and then see what works and what doesn’t before designing the powers that come in at higher levels.


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