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February 29, 2012 / Wythe

d6 RPG: addenda to the rules so far

Yet more notes from the early days of the d6 RPG. P.D., addendizing his own big main post:

Addenda to the Big Main Post about the d6 RPG

I like perception tied to luck.

brainstorming about damage—how much damage do we think things should do? Just thinking, if a pistol does 1d6 (or 6) then a shotgun should do 2d6 (or 12), which would immediately take out a regular character. perhaps more hp so we can do more of a gradiation of damage. or, to make it really simple, tone down hit points and then make damage very little. so characters have 6 hp.

punching does 1 subdual.
hitting with a pipe does 1 damage (though a crit would prob do 3)
shooting with a pistol does 2
shotgun 3
explosion 6

Again, I know it is nitpicky, that is how I roll. and I concur. wythe, your call about characters. I am happy to pick from premade guys if it would be easier to be more consistent with creation this firt go round.

I said:


After a short but serious meditation on the question:  Perception should be tied to Quickness.  Neurologically, they are aligned.  What is reaction?  Sensation, perception, and reflex or instinct, in that order.  The circuit begins with “Perception” and ends with—anything, a feint, a tumble, an attack, a step back, a dive out of the way of the smoking fist of the Titan Autoclockman on the floor of the Devastatorium.

Does Perception deserve its own stat?  Maybe?  Does the combined PER/Quickness stat need a better name?  Kinesthetics comes to mind (again), or Reaction or even back to Reflex, though that one overemphasizes the Quickness aspect…  Awareness, Proprioception, Nerve?  I think Reaction makes the most sense but is a little vanilla for my taste.


Body (BOD) – If this combines STR and CON, then Body is better.  (Or Constitution, actually:  The word means “physical makeup,” including frame, muscle, height, stamina, so on.)

Reaction (REA) – See above.

Intellect (INT) – Checkmark!

Intuition (TUT) – I strongly discourage using Willpower as the name for this because of its specificity:  It reminds us of Nietzsche and volition, when in fact we are talking about and bucketing together much more, including intuition, interoception, “sanity”/conscience/the super ego, concentration/focus, and especially empathy.

[I think confusing Charisma and empathy has long been a problem with RGPs:  Lying doesn’t in fact give you a great sense of others’ interior lives.  The most “saintly” individuals, on the other hand, do usually possess a certain hard-to-place charm and an intuitive/unlearned understanding of the human mind.  Is it will alone?  No, it’s something saturnine and reflective, or something childlike and open that makes, say, Gandhi (saturnine) or  (childlike, sanguine) an effective automatic spiritual leader of the masses.]

[[I almost wonder if this Wisdom-analog stat isn’t actually Humor, the ability to respond to the absurd (to evil, to injustice) with gentle irony (heightened awareness, empathy) instead of despair (my own, learnings-driven reaction) or insipid heroics (the Conan approach).]]

I guess, my main problem here, the more I think about it, is overvaluing volition:  A weak thief can strongly will himself not to steal some wine and can later will himself to be brave and steal a huge gem.  Will seems less tied to archetype and thus to myth.  Will is a key, perhaps the key component (the internal component, along with outsider status, the external component) of the mythic protagonist, regardless of his style of heroics.  He has to have the will to get up and go out on some kind of adventure.  Overall “willpower” is related to physical, social, sexual, and other moorings, not simple a patch of brain that is bigger in some (Gandhi, Conan, e.g.) than others (slobs, fatfarts, couch guys, e.g.).

The one thing the term Wisdom had going for it, in this space, was a quality of unfuckable-with vagueness:  What the fuck is “wisdom?”  None know, so none can oppose the idea that it is volition, interoception, conscience, intuition, and empathy, all rolled into one (all the brain minus reaction and learning).

So, what do I recommend?  I don’t know, not Willpower, maybe Will, maybe Wisdom, maybe something new—Prudence (too stuffy), Sagacity (too close to Intellect), Judgment (too clerical), Vision, Insight…  I think I like the last two of that list.  But what about something restrictive (like Will) but less tied to volition:  What about either Empathy or Intuition?  I think people also sort of confuse “intuition” to mean generally “all that stuff in my brains that I didn’t learn,” which is exactly what we’re going for.  In fact, I think it better distinguishes unlearned from learned components of the mind than “wisdom” does.  What say ye?

Charisma (CHA) – Checkmark!  [I think they key differentiator, re: my discussion of volition and empathy, above, is “control.”  CHA is about controlling others.  TUT/WIS/WIL/etc. is about understanding them, sans or before any particular motive.]

Luck (LUK) – Checkmark!

P.M. said:

Perception comes from the quiet of the mind (hearing the faint door creak, catching a whiff from someone’s perfume, spotting a tail as you traipse through the crowded streets). I am fine with it being it’s own stat. Having high perception reflects how one interacts with the world. High quickness is more an individual selfcontained aspect.I am not tied to there only being 6 stats, form should follow function. Let’s make intuition and perception separate, as they serve separate roles (especially the way we choose to play). Perception is simply the 5 (or 6) senses picking up on the world. Intuition is reading people, scenarios, yourself. Perception would not help you catch a lie, and intuition wouldn’t help you hear a jaguar stalking you (though really, could anyone hear a jaguar stalking them… those shits are super quiet).

Thought, what about the AD&D 2nd edition rule where stats are split. I think we mentioned this before. So

  • Body – Str and Con
  • Agi – Speed and Aim
  • Int – Knowledge and Deduction
  • Wis – Int and Perception
  • Cha – …Lying and Looks?
  • San??

Just brainstorming here. Plenty of guys are really good at shitting but shit at rolling. I also like the idea that knowledge and deduction are separate, as well as lying and looks. Plenty of hot chicks who can’t seduce to save their lives, but plenty of ugly-ass politicians who could convince you of anything. not sure how relevant it is.


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