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March 3, 2012 / Wythe

Sha’ir kits from Al Qadim = AMAZING, definitely could be classes

Because I cannot have enough lists of classes…

  1. Astrologer – Okay, starting off slowly…
  2. Clockwork Mage (Mechanician) – Automatist! Cf the Physiotech in 100MY. (Also, extra nerd points, cf Bernard Stiegler and the Mechanologist…)
  3. Digitalogist – Abacus Mage. Math Mage. Love it.
  4. Ghul Lord – Standard ethnic-necromancer? Lovecraftian cannibal mage? Naw, the Ghul Lord draws upon the “Negative Plane” for dark energy. Can be reworked into a wonderful idea using the idioms of contemporary cosmology. Invites a whole discussion about Quark Casters, Dark Energeticists, &c.
  5. Jackal – Spell Thief! The system actually makes sense!
  6. Mageweaver – Cf the Reverberator in 100MY.
  7. Mystic of Nog – Cf the Master Chemyst in PF and Mutagenicist in 100MY.
  8. Spellslayer – I mean, it just sounds good, innit?

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