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March 13, 2012 / Wythe

Postfuture sex

Not that you have to roleplay out the actual naughty bits, but sex—really, sexual tension between PCs and NPCs—can add a lot to DnD, including hilarity, intrigue, and a dose of verisimilitude. Postfuture sex (postsex!?) probably looks something like…

Warren Ellis’s FreakAngels >>

I saw this Boba-lady on Tumblr. No idea who did it (“enj?”). Brings up a nuance of postfuture society in general, the indiscriminate blending of signs (“Boba Fett = some bad-ass sci-fi concept”)—signs that no longer mean anything, after innumerable apocalypses—with ongoing human needs, such as sex, such as headgear. Boba’s iconic helmet becomes a sign of lost fantasy, fantasy edged closer to reality.

On another tip entirely:

This artist, Mahmud Asrar, effortlessly captures all that is hot about the steam aesthetic. Extreme? Perhaps. Empowering? Look at her wrench! She’s fixing to fix somebody’s head with that thing. Bad ass. Oozing both sensuality and the pulp pose of readiness/agency that was traditionally reserved for men.

Beyond all that, the sensual and extreme (biologically distorted) aspects of the piece serve as a nice up-front distraction from the overall ambient danger. The climate? An unseen foe? Who knows. Shit is about to get REAL.

Another Asrar piece. Captures perfectly the coquette and the train conductor/engineer of science-RPG fantasy. Dials and stockings…

And finally, there’s this:

Steam dildos >>

Does this need further thought? Love it.


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