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March 17, 2012 / Wythe



  1. Vultor (squadron, equipped with vibrosabers and charge rifles)
  2. Vultor Baron (with Sycophants who shoot lasers; the Baron shoots delicious darkmoon wodka)
  3. Singing Leech (pack, drain Intellect)
  4. Grelloid (mega-grell; solitary; cannot leave the dark side)
  5. Wild Saurian (roll d6 to determine type)
    1. Pteran
    2. Anklyan
    3. Stegan
    4. Raptan
    5. Ceratopsan Prince
    6. Mutant Protomammal Swarm
  6. Magnetic Child (ancient automaton, a trap!)

Previous Moon Battles! rules and geography.


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