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March 25, 2012 / Wythe

Dr. Tom Lelay, PF version

Dr. Tom LeLay – lost spaceman and overly earnest geologist
Human male Doctor (Physiotech [PF Artificer]) 10; xp 71,000
STR 6 DEX 11 CON 10 INT 18 WIS 9 CHA 13
HP 41 AC 11 (Dodge) ATT 7/2 MIS 7/2 MEL 5/0 Init 0 Speed 30
FOR 7 REF 3+2 WIL 7-1 pK 10 pG 14 SAN 43 amnesia, dawning horror of self realization…

Class powers (all currently inhibited by amnesia):

  • Elbow grease: +6 Craft; may use any skill untrained
  • Weird science: LeLay may imbue an improvised “archaetech” item with a physiotech power, meaning any hell science power up to level 4; requires 4 hours/power lvl; each usable, no roll, 1+[half Physio lvl, rounded up]/day; usable by others only on Hell Science check of 15+; roll of 1 breaks item. Powers: 1st: 4 / 2nd: 3 / 3rd: 3. Combined effects happen simultaneously. Cost of each use in pK or pG = total power lvls.


  • Combat expertise (trade ATT for AC)
  • Dodge (+1 AC)
  • Lightning reflexes (+2 REF)
  • Improved lightning reflexes (1/day may reroll a failed REF save)
  • Throw anything (no penalties for improvised ranged attacks)


  • Max academics ranks in geology, physics, and astronautics


  • None of note , at present (besides jumpsuit)

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