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March 26, 2012 / Wythe

Kamoso, PF version

Man, feats were so confusing! Glad we’ve elided them.

Kamoso – Mssr. Dupriz’s junior partner & bodyguard
Dogfaced man (maanhaar) male Ranger [Scout] 7; xp 23,000
STR 14 DEX 18 CON 16 INT 9 WIS 12 CHA 14
HP 52 AC 14 (DEX) ATT 7/2 MIS 11/6 MEL 8/3 Init 4 Speed 30
FOR 5+3 REF 5+4 WIL 2+1 pK 16 pG 9 SAN 54 zen, secretly loves the taste of human flesh


  • Prey scent: body sends out waves of scent that attract predators
  • Acute hyper healing: may concentrate his mental energies to allow him to heal 4x the normal rate. He will also be free from physical pain and fatigue for up to 24 hours. This power may be used once per week.
  • Disintegration: completely destroy matter on a molecular level. Requires much energy expenditure; instantly rendered unconscious, with 1 hp, 0 psi. Weight destroyed=WISx10 (120 lbs); range 30m. More difficult to disintegrate dense materials. WISx3 (36)=% chance of disintegrating metal or stone; WISx5 (60)=% chance of disintegrating wood or living material. After use, DM determines via secret d6 roll how many days it will be before power may be used again.

Class powers:

  • Favored enemies: humans, unhumans (+2 all rolls against them, including ATT/DMG)
  • Favored terrain: swamp (+2 on initiative, any skill check related to swamp)
  • Track (add half level to all track/survival checks)
  • Woodland stride (move through tough terrain at normal rate)
  • Wild empathy (roll d20; add ranger lvl and CHAmod; good result = tame wild beast)
  • Combat style: sniper (1st and 2nd bonus; choose feats from list dealing with shooting)
  • Hunter’s bond: companions (spend move action to grant half his favored enemy bonus against a single target of the appropriate type to all allies within 30 ft who can see or hear Kamoso; bonus lasts for 1 round [WISmod, min 1])
  • Biofeedback: detect hell science (costs 1 pG, lasts 1 min/lvl)


  • Weapon focus: Vennari rifles (+1 ATT)
  • Dodge (+1 AC)
  • Point-blank shot (+1 ATT/DMG within 30 ft)
  • Rapid shot (make one more ranged attack)
  • Precise shot (no penalty for shooting into melee)
  • Improved precise shot (no cover or concealment chance on ranged attacks)
  • Manyshot (shoot 2 “arrows” simultaneously) [replace w/more gun-appropriate feat?]
  • Endurance (+4 bonus on checks to avoid nonlethal damage)
  • Diehard (automatically stabilize and remain conscious below 0 hp)


  • Masterwork martinet 2d10 MIS 14/9 misfire 0
  • Falchion 2d4+1 MEL 8/3
  • Archaetech farsight doggles (dog goggles; +1 to hit with guns)
  • Water retaining cape (needs half the water of a normal man/dogfaced man)

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