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March 30, 2012 / Wythe

“Dash” Dupriz, PF version

Shad “Dash” Dupriz – Savar Shipping’s negotiator-at-large in Tuurmarsh
Human male Hacker 4, Zanni 4, Physiotech 1, Crytodelver (prestige) 3; xp 145,000
STR 12 DEX 14 CON 14 INT 13 WIS 10 CHA 16
HP 72 AC 14 (DEX, Dodge, HS Dodge) ATT 9 MIS 11 MEL 10 Init 6 Speed 30
FOR 6+2 REF 12+2 WIL 6 pK 17 pG 15 SAN 35 drunk, carefree, horny, and… drunk

Class powers:

  • Zanni: zanni knowledge (add 2 [half zanni lvl] to all knowledge checks), versatile performance (performs dirty jokes, bawdy sea shanties), well-versed (+4 to avoid being tricked by other zanni)
  • Zanni performance: counterjoke, distraction, fascinate, inspire courage +1, inspire competence +2
  • Lazzi (hell science cantrips)
  • Thief: Trapfinding, trap sense +1, evasion, uncanny dodge, sneak attack +2d6
  • Rogue talents (2): bleeding attack (hit causes extra 2 bleeding dmg/rnd until treated), minor hell science: distract (opponent gets -4 to Perception and all sense motive/detect lying-type checks)
  • Elbow grease: +6 Craft; may use any skill untrained
  • Weird science: May imbue an improvised “archaetech” item with a physiotech power, meaning any hell science power up to level 4; requires 4 hours/power lvl; each usable, no roll, 1+[half Physio lvl, rounded up]/day; usable by others only on Hell Science check of 15+; roll of 1 breaks item. Powers: 1st: 1. Combined effects happen simultaneously. Cost of each use in pK or pG = total power lvls.
  • Lucky delver: may reroll 2 (cryptodelver lvl/2, round up) checks per day as long as they relate to archaetech—academics (archaeology, history, engineering, etc.), search, read Code, and use hell science device.
  • Cryptoappraise: +3 to all rolls to determine the item health, power source, and worth of a piece of archaetech.
  • Trapdodger: +3 to all saves triggered by traps; +5 against ancient traps (not set by any enemy, but simply “around”).


  • Dodge (+1 AC)
  • Hell science dodge (+1 AC, stacks with Dodge)
  • Improved initiative (+4)
  • Lightning reflexes (+2 REF)
  • Cloak dance (hell science feat: standard action obscures position; full round makes Dupriz fully concealed)
  • Improved critical: doubles critical threat range with rifles (16-20)


  • Venomous spittle:  Any creature you successfully bite or hit with a weapon covered in your spittle must make a FOR save against DC 18 (DC 10+[your lvl/2]+CONmod) to negate the effects (initial and secondary dmg d4 CON).


  • Chronic alcoholism: when drunk, -2 to all rolls except bluff/diplomacy/gather info, etc.; -4 to all saves.  When sober, must roll FOR save against DC 20 or suffer DTs (can take no action besides writhing in pain and cursing).  May reroll every 2 hours.  After successful save, must make d3 WIL saves per day against DC 20 or become clinically obsessed with obtaining as much liquor as possible as quickly as possible.  Stinky.


  • Masterwork Martinet 2d10 MIS 11 misfire 0
  • Poisoned Machete d6+1 MEL 10 poison: 2d4 CON dmg, save for d4 CON dmg instead (thieves, assassins, and doctors [mutagenists] save for d4 CON dmg or zero)
  • Water purifier
  • Loaded dice
  • Erotic playing cards
  • Map collection (impressive; stored in trousers)
  • Minibar (also stored in trousers, currently empty)
  • Lightweight, sweat-wicking khaki multitrousers (archaetech, Kipling-esque parachute pants)

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