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April 2, 2012 / Wythe

FATE Aspects in DnD

Is anyone using the “aspects,” uh, aspect of the FATE system in DnD/PF/”the game?” I quite like the way aspects encourage storytelling and backfilling-in of story by PCs. I am introducing it into PF.

From Diaspora:

Any time you roll the dice, you can bring Aspects into play. You can invoke one of your own Aspects after you roll the dice. You narrate how the Aspect affects the roll and, assuming everyone at the table nods assent and says “that’s cool,” you can re-roll. You pay a fate point immediately.

You can tag an Aspect on something else that’s relevant to the roll after you roll the dice. That could be an Aspect on your opponent (“Not too smart” on an NPC villain maybe), an Aspect on an ally, (“Gives great covering fire”), an Aspect on a map (“Floodlamps” to spot an enemy skulking in the shadows, perhaps), or any other Aspect that’s relevant and not on your character sheet. Pay a fate point and either take re-roll.

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