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April 7, 2012 / Wythe

Battle Royale

I’m sure somebody said this already but…

Battle Royale/Hunger Games is a great set-up for DnD:

  • Your players are children, thus limiting munchkinism and raising potential for emotional break down
  • The heroes have shitty weapons
  • The heroes are kids! Automatic drama as they fight and, presumably die. It’s messed up. Everyone playing reevaluates their commitment to fantasy violence, with each combat encounter, and (I’m betting) plays a more “true” character; gives more of a crap if their character is hurt
  • The enemy is very powerful and, more importantly, panoptic
  • The territory of battle is limited and insular: I imagine dinosaur islands, a child Super Jail-themed scenario, a child Lost scenario, a Children’s Crusade, e.g.
  • If successful in the insular scenario, BOOM, instant sequel: Go take down The Man who doomed you to fight!

Am I considering running this as a miniseries? Hells yes…


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