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April 8, 2012 / Wythe

Inspiration/scenario idea: PRISON PIT

Building on my previous post about Battle Royale / Hunger Games / Super Jail

Johnny Ryan’s Prison Pit is one the greatest works of art I own. Really. To quote the author:

This is a fucking book about monster men beating the living shit out of each other.

Here, all bodies are weapons, and all weapons are organic, spurting black blood. Here, super violence is married to a Surreal, Yves Tanguy- / Krazy Kat-inspired world (cacti and diamond-headed harpies), one populated exclusively by evil—an evil so nonspecific, so resurrectable (Lovecraftian/Cthulhoid), and just so metal that hope never even enters the picture. In short: Prison Pit = gladiatorial combat + aliens in the best sense. (Whatever that means.)

 Okaaay, yes, it’s been done (Conan the Barbarian and Tarantino- / Hard Boiled -type action-only action movies both come to mind as forebears), but Prison Pit‘s peculiar charm is that it’s… just… so… alien. It’s just… so… metal

Which makes it perfect for a thoughtless, munchkin-friendly DnD scenario. Really.

Your plot: A barbarian-wrestler-devil (here named Fuckface) has to fight off a planet of, er, other barbarian-wrestler-devils. Give everyone—PC and enemy—jacked up, Dark Sun stats. No weapons (other than the PC’s own entrails, wielded lariat-style). No holds barred. No words. No mercy.

Buy the books. Consider a violent one-off prison-jail-world filled with wrestler-devils scenario. Laugh at pain. Give no quarter. Expect even less.


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