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April 12, 2012 / Wythe

Scenario idea: any graphic novel by Jason

GMs: If you haven’t read this phenomenal Norwegian cartoonist, you really should. Jason writes very simple, funny, fast stories, ranging from noir to pirate-kitsch, from The Tree Musketeers-go-to-Mars camp to the quiet realism of Sshhhh! (image below). Oh yeah, and then there’s I Killed Adolf Hitler. Or the story about werewolves…

My point is, this guy has a knack not just for witty, understated dialogue or, say, drawing anthropomorphic animals that remind you of someone you know. Jason also has a real knack for structuring the irreal so that it feels real, very quickly.

This is whole point of GMing DnD, right? To structure narratives within false worlds that (yet) somehow feel real, that grab us, that make us jump up and say, “Oh hell naw, carrion crawler—you are DEAD! Did you hear me!?”

Anyway, Jason is rad. All his graphic novels could be one-off scenarios, maybe with the exception of Sshhhh!.

Image copyright Jason.


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