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April 13, 2012 / Wythe

Headless Giant: catching up on the plot so far

Z (Rok Tok, unhuman barbarian gladiator) asked to be filled in on what had happened since he’d left the Headless Giant campaign due to a new job. Here’s what I said:

You made a deal with the nine-foot tall gene-enhanced werewolf (Ice Fang) that Osc let free from cryostasis aboard the Red Hulk. After going back to Lothay City in the White Hulk, you went back to meet up with Ice Fang and help him pilot the Red Hulk down to the southern ocean to just straight rob motherfuckers. He was superintelligent but needed a bodyguard. Y’all kidnapped some pirate kids and trained them to become bloodthirsty superpirates. You were in it for the loot, of which there was MUCH, much more than before. You did want to avoid fighting Headless Giant, though.

Unfortunately, Ravas noticed a drop in profits in the south after you started sacking his ships and ruining trade. He sent HG down to investigate. You and Ice Fang chased them, catching up at a small island off Maragkos. Veli recognized your voice on the intercom as you scared off the mercenaries with whom HG was traveling. Veli teleported inside and got you and Ice Fang into a fight (sneaky!). You won, but then were exhausted.  S’s new character, a mantid assassin named Xrsxrs (pron. “Chrischris,” but as if chewing sand) put you to sleep with poison. Same with Ice Fang (who had 1 hit point left, anyway). Dash Dupriz was also found on the island and captured; see below for why that matters.

That’s what’s happened to Rok Tok.

The rest of the party has been up and down. Re Osc, totally down.

After securing the White LAMASSU, Headless Giant was sent to clean up several things in preparation for some scheme of Ravas’s called “Operation Grand Bazaar.”

The first mission was to kill Guznech and turn Guznechnya back over to Lothay/the Federation, all without involving the army and causing a huge PR fiasco. That the group did well, though they were mostly all mind-controlled by the Multiple Man/brain rat colony and would have died had not Kayla used the Ice Glove to freeze the MMan’s sewage-pool living room, and thus the MMan itself/selves.

Then HG went into the Chasm to find out why all the greens (rif) are fleeing. The answer: The “Devouring Lake” in the heart of the Chasm, Edaxa, is actually one gigantic, hungry amoeboid cell. It is now also ultraintelligent, since someone dropped an Ancient (c. 2012) nanocomputer emulsion into it. That someone turned out to be Shad “Dash” Dupriz of Tuurmarsh fame. During this excursion, everyone almost died ROUTINELY from giant Chasm mycosilverbacks and orange-tentacled outsiders (Spawn of Shub-N).

Osc finally did die, fighting a Chasm Desolator (radiation giant, a la Nausicaa). PD revealed that the secret hell science power Zylla learned from the Archivist aboard the Red Hulk was… time travel. But Zylla can only travel back into a parallel stream, then return to her own. P didn’t know this, so Zylla traveled back and stopped Osc from encountering the Desolator… only to return to the timeline in which Osc had just died. The power is still useful/cheap, in terms of researching the past. But Osc is still dead. He really tried to duke it out with a thing with 200 hp. A fitting way to go.

Also, currently K is playing as Lukas, a female quan savage reverberator who was enslaved by the Brutal Men in the Chasm, then freed by HG. Lukas is chained to her huge green deg, named Jango.

The last three games have been in the north of Pala, with everyone playing the other HG team under Ravas’s direction, the one headed by Vasha (the blooder who looks like Kurt Cobain) that includes Pir Zidet (the Geico gecko Jedi). They have just found out the location of “MITLAN,” a legendary technoruins, and traveled there… while being pursued by the army of the Doge of Llamagino as well as Spatho. Spatho has almost killed them. They are tired and hungry. They just arrived, last Sunday, at the location of MITLAN, which is far beneath the surface… of Ruqheng… the ruins on the shores of Lake Palamaar… which is infested by nephilites. #Metal


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