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April 15, 2012 / Wythe

Character thoughts: Indiana Jones

Just re-watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Such a good bad movie. Such a DnD scenario. But what interests me most are the characters and the way in which the script does and does not play to their personalities and abilities——

The sultry inter-War burlesquer becomes… a screaming harpy (lvl 0).

The quick-witted kid from the streets of Shanghai remains true to himself (Thief lvl 3-ish).

Indy ranges from braniac, at dinner (Archaeologist/Delver/Expert lvl 10+) to shirtless bad-ass aping the then-young Arnold S. (Fighter/Thief lvl 8/8) [i.e., Conan the Barbarian transported to 1935].

I bring this up to illustrate my earlier point about the difficulty of perfectly marrying archetype to career to party function: Re basic, gestalt idea: Is Indy more of a bookish genius with a secret stash of biceps? Or is he an inspiring/avuncular/dreamboat leader, good with gun and tulwar and bullwhip? Or is he an enigmatic spy, a Bourne-esque relic collector? Or is he a blend of the three, which blending of course dilutes to some degree any of them?

Re specifics, should we, as the player playing Indy the PC, portray him as a thief? A bad-ass? A leader? Should we pipe up and tell Scromsac the Orcish Warthane to shut the funk up about the innkeeper, because the innkeeper is obviously a good guy, and the GM wants us to move on? Or should we tell Scromsac only that the innkeeper’s antique watch is worth three hundred gold pieces? E.g., are we “Indy, Fearless Bad-Ass, LLC,” or “Indy, Oxford-Trained Archaeologist, LLC?” And can we really effect both?

Or, shortest version: What would Indy do?


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