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May 21, 2012 / Wythe

d6 RPG: further thoughts on archetypes

Going back to the archives to get started again on the ole blog, ease back into the whole running-games thing. I like this thread we started and never pursued—both the lightweight d6 game in general and the “Archetype X can do Cool Thing Y.” It reminds me, in retrospect, of Hollowpoint.

Re the powers of different archetypes, I said:

“The Hero can use all weapons.” I think getting an additional +1 to all combat rolls with one weapon is better—both more realistic and more fun. The whole “proficiency” thing is in decline for a reason: Why keep adding minuses when it’s more fun to start at 0 and work (quickly, for a fighting-man; slowly, for a spellcaster/psion) toward bonuses? Proposal: Hero picks 1 wep. for bonus at 1st level. Gets more bonuses later, maybe.

“The Madman can roll to resist lethal injury.” Or more generally, he can think quickly and reroll anything level/times per day. Again, more realistic, more fun, in my opinion.

“The Genius can use all Science/Magic/Psionic objects.” Sounds good but how do we use it? An additional +1 on all sci/mag/psi checks? I think if we are trying to keep this a “+1 = a big fucking deal” kind of game, then that works for me. As with Hero, this could improve every level.

“The Saint can roll to stop bleeding. Can use all Medical objects.” I think this is good but should be extended into the mental arena: Can stop bleeding; can calm temp. insane colleague (higher DC).

“The Mimic can learn any skill observed. Can tell perfect lies.” Again, good, but how does it work? Is there a metaskill or “learning” skill that the Mimic gets a +1 or more in? How are his lies perfect/better than other characters’?

“The Hapless can substitute luck rolls for others.” Again, great; how works it? How often can Hapless/other archetypes “use” Luck?  Is it per day?  Increase with level? (Starting simple here; I know I’m not the best at formulating “how it really works” rules.)


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