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May 24, 2012 / Wythe


This bad-ass indie card game/RPG by writer/designer Eric Torres looks beauuutiful. Sort of a retro/bold color/simple look combined with a professional attention to awesomeness that can’t be found in most home-brewed games. I imagine this is what Magic: The Gathering looked like for a while, at the beginning…

I can’t wait to play Iconica. Here are some of the specific reasons why, in the words of its creator:

What are some features of Iconica?

Glad you asked. Iconica features:

  • Turn-based strategy and RPG elements
  • An iconic design aesthetic
  • 5×7 cards full of flavor and personality
  • High production values
  • Diverse card types
  • Layers of complexity
  • Expandable gameplay
  • Clear and understandable rules
  • 2-player and team play variations
  • It’s Indie-Made

What’s the object of Iconica?

The object of the game is to eliminate all of your opponents Character Cards from play. Winning the game is accomplished by dealing damage to a character’s Health Meter. Once a character’s health is exhausted, it is eliminated from play.

Is Iconica just another collectible card game or trading card game?

Nope. While the game is card based, each Character Card is unique and comes with its own set of skills, weaknesses, and strengths. Each card has its own personality, motive, and story. There are no “grunt” or “fodder” cards.

Mostly, I just love the lists of cards. Here are the cards you get in the Series Two Box Set:

#23 – Sanctum Haladron
#24 – Marconian Bard
#25 – Karmethian Nervapath
#26 – Sanctum Curic
#27 – Acasian Arc Warden
#28 – Tanglefern Dead Eye
#29 – Sanctum Glaive Knight
#30 – Pykonian Dark Trader
#31 – Farpoint Mercenary
#32 – Dragathan Aeronaut
#33 – Sanctum Ranger
#34 – Tanglefern Venomist
#35 – Karkalan Nightstalker
#36 – Sunhold Dawnbringer
#37 – Acasian Arc Adept
#38 – Varthan Radia Hunter
#39 – Sanctum Triceta
#40 – Algadoni Dune Runner
#41 – Sanctum Savant
#42 – Thorvald Anchor
#43 – Galaeon Spicer
#44 – Inkwater Mimic

Nervapath? Spicer? Aeronaut? Venomist? Consider these names #stoleninagoodway.

PCs: Expect some headaches from a nervapath soon (as soon as I figure out what one is).

More about the world of Iconica >>


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