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May 25, 2012 / Wythe

d6 RPG: refining ability scores

Me, trying to devise a clear schematic for ability scores in RPGs in general:

Let me lay out what I see as the top-level (INDEPENDENT) and the secondary (dependent) categories of abilities:



Stamina (“constitution;” again, that word really means “body”)

Dexterity (or whatever—speed, aim—”reaction” in my last iteration)

[one element of CHARM—comeliness]


Perception (should really be its own stat; you’re right, PM)

Tertiary: five basic sense, kinesthesia (extero/proprio/interoception), equilibrium (balance of senses)

Intellect (learned intelligence)

Tertiary: knowledge, ratio

Intuition (unlearned intelligence)

Tertiary: deduction, empathy, focus

[one element of CHARM—deception]

LUCK (ineffable?)


Comeliness (an aspect of BODY)

Deception (an aspect of MIND)

Personally, I can’t think of a damn thing this doesn’t cover. Is this the way to break up the stats, in-game? Maybe not. But maybe we can all agree on this/a modified version of this, we’ll at least be refining the stats out of a common pool of independent and, in the case of Charisma (“Charm” here, for fun), dependent abilities?


  1. Body (STR + CON)
  2. Agility (DEX + Init)
  3. Intellect (INT)
  4. Intuition (WIS = PER + SAN)
  5. Charm (CHA)
  6. Luck (new)

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