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May 29, 2012 / Wythe

Un-ecology: the poetry of dead and dying earths

A few thoughts on the type of imagery that really . Check out this totally metal post about an acid lake from the Metal Earth, my emphasis:

A mix of sulfuric acid and hydrogen chloride comprises the body of the lake. Taken together, the lake and the mesa land to its west, known as the Taint, represent some of the Spine’s most hostile and unforgiving country… The lake is nothing less than a wound in the world. The acid is produced as waste by a group of earth elementals that have latched on the land surface that now forms the lake’s bottom and are feeding on the planet’s dwindling tectonic energy… The acid elementals resemble giant leeches made of pitted and stained stone.

Can we read “earth elementals” metaphorically? Can we replace “elemental” with any sci-fi technology, waste-process, mutant creature, etc.? Isn’t there always something destroying the earth, both in real life and especially in Vancian, sci-fi, and post-apocalyptic RPGs?

I love the simplicity of the image of giant stone leeches: I think the durability of stone is increasingly fascinating to we metal-people who are now living through the downfall of metal.

#StonepunkRiseth. / (My metal hard drive and phone are both dying, yet the pyramids stand!)


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